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Running and Reviewing an SEO Report EW 5

Chapter 8

If you are using Microsoft Word 2010, use the gure and steps under Chapter 3 in this section for updated information.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 includes the most changes for Expression Web 4 users. Luckily, all of these changes are in the form of additional or alternate steps to take advantage of the new and updated features.

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Running and Reviewing an SEO Report

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to making the content and HTML markup on your site pages such that you receive the highest rankings possible on search results lists. Search engines, such as Yahoo!, Bing, or Google, use programs called spiders or crawlers to look at pages on a Web site and collect data. Spiders collect data from tags, such as the title, description, keywords, headings, and hyperlink tags, as well as from text and images. Spiders weight the results according to where keywords or text are found; if they are found in the title tag, they are weighted more heavily, as the crawler assumes they are the subject of the page. Text or keywords found in a paragraph of text on a site page will be ranked lower.

The SEO tool in Expression Web looks for areas that need improvement, including the following:

  • The content is not sufcient or is not located where search engines expect to nd it. These errors could include missing or non-specic title tags or keywords.

  • The content follows deceptive practices. These errors could include having an iden- tical title and description, or using too many or repeated keywords. Using keywords that are not relevant to a page’s content is called keyword stufng and is considered an unethical (and ultimately inefcient) way to improve your search rankings.

  • The content contains anything that might limit a search engine’s ability to analyze a page, such as misplaced or missing tags.

  • The site’s content or markup might return the same results for two different site pages, such as having an identical description for two pages. The SEO Checker is the dialog box in which you select the SEO options, such

as pages to check, and whether to display errors, warnings, or both. The Errors check box displays the items that you must x; the Warnings check box displays items that you might want to x or check.

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