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was used, were assigned to each imputed survey variable. For further information, see the section on data processing and imputation in the Documentation for the 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey (Tourkin et al. forthcoming).

Response Rates

Unit response rates. The unit response rate indicates the percentage of sampled cases that met the definition of a complete interview. The weighted SASS unit response rate was produced by dividing the base-weighted number of respondents who completed questionnaires by the base-weighted number of eligible sampled cases.7 Table B-1 summarizes the base-weighted unit response rates for each survey type. Because response rates vary between surveys, it is possible not to have information for all the components related to a particular school. For example, it is possible that a district does not have a corresponding school record or there may not be a principal record for every school.

Table B-1. Base-weighted unit and overall response rates, by survey: 2007-08


Unit response rate (percent)

Public School Teacher Listing Form BIE School Teacher Listing Form Private School Teacher Listing Form

86.2 87.3 85.1

Public School District

Public School BIE School Private School

Public School Principal BIE School Principal Private School Principal

Public School Teacher BIE School Teacher Private School Teacher

84.0 81.8 77.5


80.4 77.1 75.9

79.4 79.2 72.2

Overall response rate (percent)

72.4 71.4 65.9

Public School Library Media Center BIE School Library Media Center

  • Not applicable.

81.7 78.9

NOTE: Response rates were weighted using the inverse of the probability of selection (base weight). BIE refers to schools funded by the Bureau of Indian Education that are operated by the BIE, a tribe, or a private contractor and not by a regular school district. SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey, “Public School Teacher, BIE School Teacher, and Private School Teacher Listing Forms, Public School District, Public School, BIE School, Private School, Public School Principal, BIE School Principal, Private School Principal, Public School Teacher, BIE School Teacher, Private School Teacher, Public School Library Media Center, and BIE School Library Media Center data files,” 2007-08.

7 For the formula used to calculate the unit response rate, see NCES Statistical Standards (U.S. Department of Education 2003).


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