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Kelleys Life

KI Audubon Club Junior Nature Camp soared!

Peggy Cooney

On Wed., Aug. 4, in 90 degree weather, 60 children enjoyed the KI Audubon Nature Camp. The three part program was conducted at the VFW, State Park and the Twine Shanty (Gary Finger's Barn on Woodford).

years old.

At the State Park, Richard and Annette Gallagher from Sandusky Children's Museum conducted a pro- gram called "Water Water Everywhere."

eagles. ladies"

Sandy Kilko and helped the children

the "craft create an

ocean globe using recycled clear plastic bottles. Each student received a certifi- cate and each family received a book on

Mona Rutger from Back to the Wild presented a program on Bald Eagles. She brought an eagle that is in her per- manent care due to blindness from West Nile Virus. The eagle is now used for teaching people about these amaz- ing creatures. The children learned interesting facts on eagles. In 1979 there were only 4 nesting eagles in Ohio, today there are 240 nests. Pat Hayes set up a telescopic lens for the children to view the nest located on Kelleys Island. Some of the children were very lucky to see the baby eaglet in the nest. The children learned that a typical eagle's nest weighs 700 pounds and can reach up to 2000 pounds. Mona had the children form a circle to demonstrate the size of the eagle's nest and showed nests of other birds so the children could appreciate the scale of an eagle's home. The children learned that a baby eagle will equal the size of their parents by the time they are 10 weeks old. They also learned that the American Bald Eagle does not get its white head and tail until it reaches 4

It was a wet and wild examination on the properties of water. The children had a hands-on lesson focusing on car- ing for and using this precious resource. They learned about cleaning an oil slick, moving water from place to place using pumps, cranks, air and gravity. The favorite water activity of the day was the rockets. Soda bottles half filled with water and pressurized with air were released into the air for 3 straight hours. It was an exciting and wet exploration of water.

At the VFW, the children received a snack and Jan Ransom read stories on

eagles compliments of the Pape Library Fund.

I sometimes think we on Kelleys Island take for granted the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. I received a call from an adult vacationing for a week on the island who asked if he could go to the camp to see the bald eagle. He and his family had never seen a bald eagle or an eagle nest. They joined us for that part of the program and were thrilled to experience what we locals drive past every day.

There were thirty five wonderful volunteers who helped with this pro-

Blessings and gratitude

As we ready to welcome our fami- ly back for the 11th chili cook off, I found the prayer circle reading what I read the Sunday after Shannon's acci- dent last June. It states, "Not knowing the future ourselves, we often have to come to a deep trust in God during times when nothing seems to be hap- pening. During times of inactivity,

God is at work behind the scenes. It takes patience and humility to get through a time of dormancy. These are times when God is preparing us for our destiny. "Thank you to the group of believers that have sustained me emotionally during this time."

In 16 months, Shannon has made so much progress. Her mobility increases weekly, her strength and bal- ance being improved with each day that she works her limbs that are miraculously restoring themselves. I

write this grateful, curious as to what the future holds for our family busi- ness and for those that have experi- enced this miracle with us. Our prayer circle has expanded since that day and so has our business. We want to say thank you to all of the people who support us, both through our business and in our journey with Shannon. We asked that day for a miracle, we asked that our faith be pushed to its limits because we are divinely supported in all things.

Nov./Dec. 2010


A fun time was had by all.


Kuyoth, DuShane,

Jacquie Kranyak, Chris Yako, Sandy

Judy Kilko,

Shirley Tomcho, Gretchen Larson,

Carol Geschke, Carol Frindt, Ed

Frindt, Sandy

Jan Ransom, Leslie Korenko, Tkach, Cindy Christofferson,






Hayes, Fran Minshall, Barb Zeller, June Campbell, Laura Van Benken, Cindy Merkel, Virginia Coyne, Tracey Quillin, Julie Mack, Erin Sandvick, Fred Walcott, Paul Finnegan, Vickie Finnegan, Steve Merkel, Ed Frindt, Park Schafer, Maureen Flanagan, Maureen Graney, Kim Watkins, Gary and Jackie Finger, Mark and Alison Priebe. Businesses that assisted by offering space, donating snacks, copies, or other items were: Kelleys Island State Park, VFW, Island Market, Sweet Valley Trading Post, The Village Pump,

The Inn and Campbell's Cottage.

Thank you to the volunteers and businesses that helped to make the Nature Camp a really great day!

Editors note: Very special thanks to Peggy Cooney for putting this huge endeavor together once again. It's a tremendous effort and every child and every adult present thoroughly enjoyed themselves-and learned a lot also! Thank you Peggy!

As the fall season flows into the holidays and we ready for our migra- tion south, we want to let you all know how much we appreciate those that make us part of their island mem- ories. It means so much to have a growing family business at this time in our lives. We are so grateful and know that as you ready for your winter sea- son, we will continue to keep you in our circle of friends.

Patricia Johnson, The Brew Pub


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