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Kelleys Life

From the Pastor - The nature of gratitude

This is the season of Thanksgiving, an offering of gratitude for all that we have. And we have a lot, a lot of the basic essentials humans need to sur- vive, and beyond that, a lot of things that are not necessary but preferable. In most of the world they would be luxuries. But there is another level of gratitude, more basic and fundamen- tal than gratitude for what we have. It is gratitude for what we are. And not what we are that distinguishes us from everyone else, name, family tal- ents, interests, but what we are that we have in common with everyone else--our basic humanity.

Life is a gift. We didn't apply to be here. We just showed up. The American poet Emily Dickinson


Gratitude is great medicine for the disease of self-importance. "To live is so startling it leaves little time for any- thing else."

In his book "Lives of a Cell," Lewis Thomas wrote:

"Statistically, the probability of any one of us being here is so small that you'd think the mere fact of exis- tence would keep us all in a content- ed dazzlement of surprise."

Gratitude begins with a profound sense of amazement at our very exis- tence. To exult and rejoice in the fact that we are is the beginning of grati- tude. And gratitude is the beginning of wisdom. Gratitude implies that our lives are completely dependent on the

confluence of millions of things; from matter to the people who matter, and most of the people who matter are total strangers. And each of us makes our own contribution to the life of the world.

We humans are the weaving together of earth and heaven. The stuff of the earth; carbon, nitrogen, iron, oxygen, forms our bodies. The stuff of heaven; love, imagination, cre- ativity, wonder, forms our souls. Spirit and matter wedded together.

During this season of thanksgiv- ing, pay attention to the most funda- mental fact of life: I am. Allow your breathing to remind you that the moment by moment you are depen- dent on the air you breathe. Allow

your heartbeat to remind you that you are not making your heart beat. Its dependable rhythm comes from a source beyond you. These facts of life we hold in common with everyone. And remembering this, we can feel compassion for all the other beings that share in this life with us. Gratitude and compassion go togeth- er. Compassion is the "giving" part of thanksgiving, when we act out our unity with all life by returning a por- tion of what we have for the common good.

Happy Thanksgiving! Rev. Warren Campbell-Gaston Zion United Methodist Church


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Robert S. Howley Sr. (92) of Kelleys Island and New Smyrna, Fla., died peacefully Monday, Nov. 1, 2010, in Columbus, Ohio. He was









Cleveland, Ohio in 1918. His parents were Christopher J. and Emily Amelia (Smith) Howley. He was the youngest of three sons. During his lifetime, he lived in Cleveland, Lorain, Vermilion,


New Smyrna

and Kelleys


He was a 1937

graduate of

West High School 1941 graduate of Notre Dame with

in Cleveland and a the University of a Bachelors degree

in accounting.

During World War II he was a Navy Lt. Cmdr. serving in the American, European and Asiatic (two stars) the- atres in patrol torpedo boats (PT boats), 1942-45. As a naval officer he saw action in the Pacific's Solomon Islands campaigns, Bougainville beach landing and invasion, and through the Solomon's to Papua New Guinea. In PT Boat Squadron 5 (MTB RON 5) he saw extensive action in some of the hardest fought campaigns in World War II. In 1945, he was assigned to (PT) Squadron 22 (MTB RON 22) in the Mediterranean, sta- tioned at Cannes, France. At the end of the war, he taught PT boat operation at the Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Training Center in Melville, R.I.

A believer in small business entre- preneurship, believing in innovation and positive thinking, he was success- ful in creating, managing, and teach- ing about small businesses during his business career. In 1946 he founded, managed and operated the Howley Hardware Co. in Lorain. In 1955, he started his own manufacturers' repre- sentative business (electrical), the Robert S. Howley Company. He was owner and president for 25 years. The business remains successful and is managed by his son, Robert Howley Jr. and grandson, Andrew Howley. In retirement he founded Howley Construction which remodeled older homes and built new homes.

He was a director of Central Bank

in Lorain, past commodore of Vermilion Boat Club, and past com- modore of Vermilion Yacht Club, a for- mer member of Catawba Island Club, and a member of the VFW at Kelley's Island. He was an active member of the Audubon Society.

His favorite pastimes included fol- lowing Notre Dame, travel, sailing, boating, golfing, reading three news- papers a day, watching FOX News and debating with knowledge his political positions.

Survivors include Florence J. Block; sons, Robert (Nancy) Howley of Columbus and David (Danielle) Howley of Hopedale, Mass.; daughter, Suzanne (Roger) Whitacre of Columbus; grandchildren, Andrew and Amy Howley, Olivia and William Howley, Alison Ziemke Kleibscheidel, Sara and Emily Whitacre, and Peter and Robbie Krupp; and nieces and nephews, Dan Howley, Lee Howley, Tom Howley, Kate Howley and Christine Miles.

He was preceded in death by his daughter, Nancy Krupp; grandson,

Peter G. Howley; his parents brothers, Lee C. Howley Christopher J. Howley.

; and and

Visitation followed by a service was at St. Peters Church, Huron. A cel- ebration of Robert's life followed at the Huron Yacht Club. Memorial contri- butions may be made to VFW Post 9908, Kelleys Island; or Odyssey Hospice, 540 Officecenter Place, Suite 100, Gahanna, OH 43230.

Additional island losses:

Ronald N. "Ronnie" Cole, 84, of Sandusky, beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle, and dear friend, passed away

S e p t . 1 0 , 2 0 1 0 . L y n n Holdren, A l a n 68, Sandusky, left this life Wed., Sept. 1, 2010 following a lengthy and coura- geous battle with cancer. Lynn's love for Kelleys Island was shown in his generosity to the Kelleys Island schools where he sponsored many trips to Cedar Point and various school activities.

Final note: Great sadness at the loss of Ann Brown, we will run an obituary on her in our Jan./Feb. issue. Our deepest condolences to her daughter Claudia and all extended family members.

Free radon test kits

Christine Stelzer

The Erie County Health Department offers free radon test kits to homeown- ers. Radon is an odorless radioactive gas that is naturally occurring in the soil. It can get into your home through small cracks in the foundation or through a sump pump. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The only way to know if your home has

radon is to test for it.

For a free radon test kit or more information, contact the Erie County Health Department at healthyhomes @ecghd.org or call 419-626-5623 ext. 173. Be sure to include your name, address, mailing address, and phone or email address.


Nov./Dec. 2010

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