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The Lily Parker Stacey Society

Gifts and Grants of $1,000 to $2,499

Anonymous Dr. M. Abby Adams* Adams Street Partners, LLC American Mediconnect, Inc. J. Trent and Judith Anderson Anderson, Rasor & Partners, LLP Mr. Jonathan D. Appelbaum

Judith L. and Robert D. Appelbaum*

Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Aron AT&T Bruce and Ann Bachmann Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bacon, Jr.* Dr. and Mrs. Bulbul S. Bahuguna Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Balsley* The Barr Fund* Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bates

Mr. Robert Bedows and Ms. Trudy Gordon*

Howard B. Bennett, MD Black Box Network Services Mr. and Mrs. Adam Blitz Nancy and George Bodeen* Dr. Katherine M. Boho Mr. Donald Bosslet Mrs. Elaine T. Bovaird* Mr. Stephen S. Bowen* Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Bradley The Braeside Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Brendler Bristol - Myers Squibb Company

Dr. Jerome Brosnan and Mrs. Gisela Brodin-Brosnan*

Dr. and Mrs. Steven V. Brown Bruce Foundation* Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Buenzow Mrs. Marie K. Burnside* Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Burnstine*

Cardiovascular Associates of Glenbrook and Evanston, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Carruth Cassiday Schade LLP Central Container Corporation Chicago Glaucoma Consultants Ltd. Mr. Paul D. Claxton Mr. Jack M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. John C. Colman* Ms. Elaine Costakis Ms. Lindsey M. Cox Mrs. Ronald E. Cramer* Crowntonka California, Inc. Ms. Gabrielle Cummings* Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Curley Mr. and Mrs. Kent Dauten* Mr. and Mrs. John E. Deimel* Deloitte Woody and Daphne Denham

Ms. Margaret A. Dennis*

Dr. Gordon H. Derman and Dr. Carol Ann Rosenberg*

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Deshur

Herman and Lillian Director Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dole III* Dr. and Mrs. A. Michael Drachler Dr. and Mrs. Leon H. Dragon Mr. and Mrs. George T. Drake* E. Paul and Susan Dunn* Mrs. Kenneth H. Eckholt* Engelman Family Charitable Trust ENH Care Committee Ms. Esther R. Feder Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Feldman* Mr. David S. Felsenthal* Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey B. Fenner* Mrs. David Ferguson* Dr. John and Kathy Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Flynn* Mr. and Mrs. Ian M. Fowler Jerome Frankel Foundation Ms. Colette A. Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Howard Friend Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gaby Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Gallagher* Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gerstman* Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Gilford Burt and Adrienne Glazov Mr. Irving L. Gold Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Goldberg* Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Goldman* The Goldring Foundation*

The Albert Goodstein Family Foundation

Mrs. W. K. Gordon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Graham Mr. and Mrs. David W. Grainger Mrs. Paul W. Guenzel* Mr. Robert P. Gwinn Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Haber*

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hagenah, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hailey William M. Hales Foundation* Jesse and Elizabeth Peterson Hall* Mr. and Mrs. Don S. Harnack Mrs. Henry G. Hart, Jr. Paula A. Harvan, MD Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hauser* Mrs. Lois R. Heald Mr. Robert E. Heiberger* Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Hess* Hon. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hett Mrs. Mary P. Hines* Ms. Claire L. Hirsch

Robert and Norma Hoaglund* Ms. Eleanor V. Hobbs

Ms. Michele J. Hooper and Mr. Lemuel Seabrook III*

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hudson, Jr.* Ms. Christine M. Hughes Ms. Margaret B. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ingersoll Foundation*

Mrs. Lyne Isaacson* Mr. Stephen Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Johnson* Mr. and Mrs. Garrett B. Johnson* Meta and Rick Joutras JSAS Services Inc. William and Mary Kakavas

Dr. Lynne S. Kaminer and Dr. Daniel W. Ray

Mayer & Morris Kaplan Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Karger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Kaufman Keefe & Associates Stella J. Kelly* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kleckner Mrs. Dalia S. Kleinmuntz Ms. Jean Kralka Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Kugler*

Kure for Kara Fund/ Ms. Kara Landeweer

LA-CO Industries, Inc.* Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. LaPata Ms. Judy K. Lawrence*

Sheldon L. & Pearl R. Leibowitz Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Jerrold Leikin Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Levy Mr. John L. Lieffort Dr. and Mrs. John S. Lilleberg Drs. Evan and Sheree Lipkis Virginia W. Little Trust* Elaine and Richard Loewenstein* Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Lubin Drs. Scott and Mary MacGregor* Richard Mack Photography, Ltd.

Dr. Marian S. Macsai and Mr. Jack S. Kaplan*

Mark Vend Company Mr. Art Massa Mr. and Mrs. David B. Mathis* Dr. and Mrs. Edward B. Matthew Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Mayer, Jr. Maysteel Mr. and Mrs. John H. McDermott* Dr. and Mrs. John P. McGee II* Drs. Michael and Christine McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. McNally* Mr. and Mrs. Hugo J. Melvoin*

The Sauer, Christopher, Danforth and Stacey Societies acknowledge tax-deductible annual contributions.

  • *

    Indicates five consecutive years of giving


Dr. and Mrs. Gregg M. Menaker Mr. and Mrs. John Merz* Joel R. Meyer, MD Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller* Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Miller* Mrs. Jacqueline M. Mitchell* Mr. James B. Mitchell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Moran* Mr. John H. Moss

Jennifer Mudd Houghtaling Postpartum Depression Foundation

Lee Munder Investments, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Murtos* Christine M. Myers* Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Nahin* Napleton’s Automotive Group The National Christian Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Mark G. Neerhof

Ross and Kimberley Nelson-Royal Containers Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Ira T. Nevel* Mrs. Meridel K. Newman Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Noha*

Geraldi Norton Memorial Foundation*

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Noxon* Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S. Noyes* Mr. and Mrs. James O’Donnell Ms. Nina Orville Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Paget* Mr. Raymond C. Parmer Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pekow* Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Pesavento Mrs. Ann R. Petersen* Pfizer Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Phenner* Dr. Herbert F. Philipsborn, Jr.* Ms. Lucy Y. Piwowarczyk Pratt Industries John and Betsey Puth*

Drs. Anthony and Elizabeth Raspanti

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Reckers Mrs. Thomas K. Rees Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Reich Mr. James M. Renneker* Richman Family Foundation* Ritual Salon and Day Spa Ms. Gail Rogin Mr. Clay Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Rosenberg Mrs. Edith C. Rosskam* Marvis and Donald Rosuck Mrs. Donald I. Roth

Dr. Ernest J. Saliba and Dr. Judith A. Falconer

Dr. Timothy A. Sanborn*

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