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Anonymous Mrs. Cappy L. Abraham Mr. and Mrs. Morton S. Ackerman Mr. Bruno Adams Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Adis* Ms. Jean Aimonovitch Dr. and Mrs. David Alspach Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Alvarado* Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Anderson* Ms. Maureen Annamaree The Arlington Rehabilitation

& Living Center Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Arnheim, Jr. Ms. Helen M. Ashley Mrs. Rayonelle Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Barber Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Barron* Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Bass* Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Baumann* Mr. William J. Beck Mrs. Dolores L. Bellissimo Mr. and Mrs. James G. Belmonti Mr. Steven Bernard Dr. and Mrs. Ira J. Bernstein* Mr. and Mrs. William C. Blackwell* Thomas P. Bleck, MD Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Bosler* Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Bosler Mr. Kent C. Bostick and

Ms. Ann K. Adams* Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Bradley, Jr.* Braydon Partners, LLC Broderick & Company William and Linda Bronner* Mr. Tony D. Brooks and

Ms. Mary C. Baskin Ms. Carol L. Brown David T. Brown and Suzanne Muchin Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buchsbaum* Mrs. Henry C. Buckingham* Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Buescher* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Burns, Jr.* Conway C. Burton* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Scott Byron Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Carriglio Carroll Family Foundation Drs. Jean and Michael Cavanaugh* Mr. John E. Cederborg Cheri Lynn Designs, Ltd. Dr. and Mrs. Gene Chiao Mr. and Mrs. David M. Clark* Cole Family Foundation Mr. Franklin A. Cole Colorado Container Corporation Continental Machinery Company, Inc. Conway Financial Group Dr. and Mrs. Scott Cooper* Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Cotler Mr. and Mrs. Dewey B. Crawford* Dr. and Mrs. David W. Cromer* Dr. Vern Dang Oscar and Melissa David Dickerson Engineering, Inc. Ms. Marilyn M. Dickey David R. Donnersberger, MD Dr. and Mrs. James L. Downey

  • *

    Indicates five consecutive years of giving

Additional Gifts and Grants Received

$500 to $999

Judy and Howard Edison Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ekman Miledones Eliades Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Elrad Elwood Packaging, Inc. ENH Center for Maternal Fetal

Health Ms. Dorothy Even Dr. Elaine E. Farrell and

Dr. Jason C. Birnholz* Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Feldman* Mr. and Mrs. D. Cameron Findlay First Bank of Highland Park

Foundation* First Bank & Trust Ms. Jean F. Fisher* Drs. Westby and Diane Fisher* Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Flanders Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Fox* Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Fradkin Mr. and Mrs. Willard G. Fraumann* Mrs. Nancy W. Freeman Richard and Mary Freeman Mr. and Mrs. William D. Frost The Frye Foundation* Bonny and Harvey Gaffen Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Gallagher, Jr.* Neil and Marge Gambow* Mrs. Kathleen Garstecki* Dr. and Mrs. Mark D. Gendleman Melinda and Ray Geraldson* Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Gerbel* Mr. Marvin W. Gettleman* Mr. and Mrs. George H. Gilmore, Jr.* Mr. Richard N. Gold* Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Golman* Mr. and Mrs. John C. Goodall, Jr.* Gordon & Einstein, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Trent E.J. Gordon Great Lakes Packaging Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Greenhill Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grossman* Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Gutterman Mr. David C. Gylfe Ray and Katherine O’Meara Haase Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Hagee* John Harding Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hausberg Hawkeye Corrigated Box Company Mr. Norbert Heimann Ms. Constance Herron Mr. Harold E. Hindsley* Dr. and Mrs. Richard A.

Hirschmann* Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Honigberg Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hoppe* Thomas H. Hudgins, MD* Ms. Mary Ellen Hughes* Edward R. James Partners, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. James Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Jennings Mrs. Jeanne M. Johnson Mr. David J. Jolly* Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Kaplan Karmin Family Charitable

Foundation Trust Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kase* Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Keeler* Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Kennedy* Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Kersten

Mr. and Mrs. James D. King* Mrs. David B. Kingwill* Ursulla and Ronald Knakmuhs* Karl Knauz Motors, Inc. Lance L. Knox and Mary E. Lambert

Family Foundation* Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Kocian Mr. Neal Kottke Mrs. Barbara L. Krinsky Ms. Lynn P. Krinsky Krinsky-Finkel, LLC Mrs. Lorraine R. Krucks Mr. and Mrs. William N. Krucks* Kubin-Nicholson Corporation Ms. Virginia E. LaRue Harold and Ruth Lasky Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Leighton* R. A. Lenon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lenzini Lettuce Entertain You

Enterprises, Inc. Betty and Edward Levi Monte and Sophie Levinson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lipton* Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Loeb Drs. Patrick and Regina Logan Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lyons* Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lytle* Stephen and Rosemary Mack Mr. David E. Mann Mr. and Mrs. George Mann Martin Associates Dr. and Mrs. H. Marshall Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. McCarville Mr. and Mrs. Archibald McClure Robert and Susan McGee Mrs. Margot T. Merrick* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Messer Ms. Anne C. Milling Mr. Jack B. Mitchell* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moeller Mr. Daniel Mondschain Dr. and Mrs. K. William Mopper* Ms. Elaine Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morrison Dr. and Mrs. Ranjeev K. Nanda* Mr. and Mrs. James Nazarowski Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Nevers Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Noffke* North Shore Medical Ltd. Oak Bank Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. O’Brien Pacific Investment Mgt Co. LLC Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Palmeri Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Patin* Mrs. Henry E. Pearson* Mr. E. Scott Peterson and

Ms. Judith M. Desenis* Mr. and Mrs. Steven Podolsky Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Porter Mrs. Marilyn R. Potts Precision Plating Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Prudden Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Pulitzer Mr. Walter Rebovich and

Ms. Paula M. Ferkull Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reder* Mrs. Avis F. Redwine*


Richard and Marianne Reinisch

Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Revord Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rivkin Mr. and Mrs. John E. Roberts III* Dr. and Mrs. Russell G. Robertson Mrs. Lorelei Rosenthal* Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Ross* Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Rotblatt David Rothschild Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rothschild Mrs. Mildred Rubenstein* Dr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Sarnat Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Sarnoff* Mrs. Bettye C. Schonthal* Mr. and Mrs. Barry Schreibstein* Schwarz Partners, L.P. Mrs. Margaret F. Scott Mr. and Mrs. John Sentell Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sevcik* Mr. Ilan Shalit and Ms. Rebekah Baum Mrs. Kate S. Shapiro* Mr. and Mrs. Loren A. Shapiro Mr. Rubin Shapiro Robert W. Sharp* Mr. and Mrs. James F. Shea* Shiffman Family Foundation* Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Sickle* Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Siegel* Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon M. Singer Susan and George Sladoje* Rhonda L. Sleiter, DDS, SC Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Slotnick Ms. Donna Soldano Mr. Burton Steck Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Sternberg Mr. and Mrs. Todd W. Stetson Mr. and Mrs. Don Stewart Kimberly C. Louis Stewart Foundation Richard D. Stockton Alice and John Strauss* Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. John M. Sultan Dr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Sweet Mr. Thomas G. Taller Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Tarica Mr. and Mrs. G. Gregory Taubeneck Tim and Donna Thoelecke* Mr. and Mrs. John E. Townsend* Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Tracy, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Trapp* Mr. and Mrs. David H. Uttal Jim and Tricia Valenti Ms. Patricia J. VanHoogstraat Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Waldman* Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wallace* Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Warshauer* Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Warshauer Susan and Arvin Weindruch* Weissbourd Family Partnership Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wick Mrs. Dorothy W. Wiese Mr. W. Rockwell Wirtz and

Ms. Marilyn Queen Wendy and Keith Yamada Ms. Nancy Zadek* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Zednik* Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Zisook

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