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Flotsam and Jetsam

SMS Postdoctoral Fellow Ronald Baker received his PhD from James Cook University in Townsville, Aus- tralia and worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the National Marine Fisheries Service in Galveston, Texas. While at SMS, Ronald is comparing the functional roles of mangroves and salt marshes.

Jonathan Craft is an SMS Graduate Fellow studying how increased ocean acidification affects calcification and the production of natural products in several spe- cies of marine algae. Jonathan is currently completing his Masters Degree in Marine Biology at the College of Charleston.

Michael Drexler is currently at the Univer- sity of South Florida where he is working on his Masters Degree in Biological Oceanography. As an SMS/Link Fellow this past fall, Michael studied the function of oysters as habitat for other organisms in the Indian River Lagoon.

Marine Science Network Postdoctoral Fellow Nicole Fogarty came to the Marine Station in September af- ter receiving her PhD from Florida State University. While at SMS, Nicole will be researching the role that chemical signals have in coral reproduction and settle- ment.

Jennifer Rhora joined the Benthic Ecology Lab earlier this year as a Research Technician. Prior to arriving at SMS, Jennifer worked with Collier County Pollution Control. She received her Masters Degree in Marine Biology from the University of South Florida in 2005.

Carlos Edwin Gomez Soto has returned to SMS upon completing his Masters Degree in Marine Biol- ogy at the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. He is studying the impacts that increased ocean acidifica- tion and water temperature has on the calcification of soft corals.

Staff members of the Smithsonian Marine Station and the Ecosystems Exhibit are grateful for the ongoing support provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission through the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. ๎’ese funds allow us to conduct a number of research and education activities that would otherwise not be possible.

New Grants Valerie Paul received an award of $124,288 from National Science Foundation for the project, “COSEE Florida: Water as Habitat”.

Valerie Paul received an award of $26,050 from South Florida Water Management District for the project,, “Indian River Lagoon Species Inventory FY2011”.

Melanie McField received an award of $81,909 from ๎’e Summit Foundation for the project, “Healthy Reefs for Healthy People III”.

Bjorn Tunberg received an award of $38,907 from St. Johns River Water Management District for the project, “Benthic Infaunal Monitoring in the Indian River Lagoon FY 2011”.

Selected Publications Baeza, J. Antonio. 2010. ๎’e symbiotic lifestyle and its evolutionary consequences: social monogamy and sex allocation in the hermaphroditic shrimp Lysmata pederseni. Naturwissenschaften, 97: 729-741.

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