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Trigger (Reference) and Sync (Home) Sensors

Wire colour for trigger input: Green. Wire colour for sync (home) input: Yellow

STINGER 4 ECUs can read hall, optical or magnetic signals using the same wire.

To fire injectors and igniters sequentially then you must use a sync (home) sensor and a trigger sensor.

The trigger and sync wires are found in the shielded sub-loom inside the main loom. The sub-loom also has a red wire that can be used to supply a regulated 8 volts to power the sensors if they are hall or optical. The black wire is used for ground. If the sensors are to be shared with the OEM ECU then power and ground will not be required.

If the trigger or sync sensors are magnetic then power will not be required.

Note: If you are not using the red power wire in the sub-loom then you must ensure that it is insulated to prevent short-circuiting. Also DO NOT connect the shielding for the sub-loom to ground. This is already grounded through the loom.

Some after market ECUs require a complex calibration procedure to calibrate a magnetic sensor to the ECU. With the EMS STINGER 4 ECUs this is not necessary because it will automatically self-learn the magnetic sensor signals. Also, the ecu will trigger with a trace zero crossing signal. This method provides pin-point timing accuracy over the entire rev range.

When using a magnetic sensor on the trigger wheel or distributor it is very important that the positive and negative polarity of the sensor is wired correctly to the ECU trigger inputs. The positive output of the magnetic sensor must connect to the trigger input wire of the ECU and the negative sensor wire must be connected the ground wire of the shielded cable. If this is not done then the ignition timing will drift as engine RPM changes. The same rule also applies to magnetic sync sensors.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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