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1: Pink


2: Orange/Red


3: Grey/Black


4: Yellow/Red


Ignition Modules

Wire colours for Ignition outputs

Warning: These ECUs do not have built-in igniters. Do not connect any ignition output directly to the coil. You must use external ignition modules. Connecting the ECU to an ignition module(s) before setting the ignition fire edge correctly may damage the module(s) and coils.

The STINGER 4 ECUs can drive most OEM igniters but you must we aware of the trigger signal required to drive the igniter. Some igniters require a rising signal and others a falling signal. Getting the signal wrong can cause the igniter and coil to overheat. EMS igniters and most OEM igniters are negative fire igniters (Falling edge).

These ECUs can control smart and dumb igniters. Smart igniters will self-dwell the coil, dumb igniters will follow the signal from the ECU. If you are using smart igniters then still set the dwell to the correct value for your coils and the igniter will follow the signal from the ECU. It is important to set the correct dwell via the management software. Over dwelling a coil will only cause it to overheat, under dwelling will not allow the coil to build enough electrical energy. A good starting point is 3.5 mS.

The STINGER 4 ECU will fire the ignition outputs in sequential order. That is it will fire output 1, 2, 3 and 4. You will need to wire these in the firing sequence of your engine.

1: Yellow


2: White


3: Red/Black


4: Green/Red


Wiring Injectors

Wire colours for injector outputs

The STINGER 4 ECU controls injectors by pulling to ground. This means that all injectors have a common positive 12 volt rail. The injectors are fired sequentially.

You must ensure that the combined injector resistance for each output is not less than 1.2 ohms. For example connecting 2 X 1.2 ohm injectors in parallel will give a resistance of 0.6 ohms. This would cause the injector output drivers to current limit, if this were to happen then the injectors would not open consistently.

All STINGER 4 ECUs automatically adjust the injector duty to compensate for battery voltage fluctuations ranging from 7 to 16 volts.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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