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Engine Set-up Parameters

Ignition fire edge

This parameter must be set according to the igniter module you are using. EMS igniters and most OEM igniters work with a falling firing edge. This means that the ignition output of the ECU is held at a high voltage for the duration of the dwell period and then switched off when the coil needs to fire. Rising edge modules work in the opposite manner. It is important to set this correctly to prevent coils and igniters from being overloaded.

Ignition Delay Compensation

This parameter is set if you are using a CDI system. All CDIs have a delayed response from trigger to fire. This delay can cause your ignition timing to fire slightly retarded at high RPM. If you know the delay of your CDI then set it here so the ECU can compensate for the delay. A typical value would be around 16 to 30 microseconds.

Ignition Dwell

Ignition dwell time is the duration in milliseconds that the coil is charged before being fired. The time will vary between different ignition and coil systems. Typically 3.5mS is a good point to start. Setting this value to zero (0) will cause the ECU to give a 50% duty and is not recommended except for some CDI systems.

Injector Ohms

The ECU uses this value to determine the injector latency and compensate for it. Low ohm injectors have a faster response time than high ohm injectors. So by setting the correct injector resistance will allow the ECU to compensate for injector latency more accurately. This also works in conjunction with battery voltage. As the battery voltage varies from 13.8 volts, the ECU will adjust the injector duty to compensate. This enables the ECU to work with battery voltages from 7 volts up to 16 volts while maintaining a steady air/fuel ratio.

You can do a test by using a Multi-Meter. Unplug the electrical harness of one of the injectors and place the Multi-Meter's probes on the injector pin outs (where the electrical harness clips on) and measure the resistance. When you have a reading adjust this parameter to the closest setting. Note: If you are using staged injectors with a different value of Ohms, set the Ecu to the value corresponding to the primary injectors.

Soft Rev Limit

Set this parameter to the RPM you want the engine limited. The rev limiter cuts the ignition in a specific sequence to prevent spark plugs from fowling when rev limiting. It can be set a little lower than the absolute maximum RPM and the hard rev limiter can be set to the absolute maximum RPM. This will give double protection from over revving an engine.

To disable the Soft Rev Limiter set it to 0 RPM.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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