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Hard RPM Limit

Set this parameter to the absolute maximum RPM you want the engine limited. This method will completely cut the ignition at the selected RPM and enable it again when the RPM has dropped below the set value. This will prevent an engine from over revving.

To disable the Hard Rpm Limiter set it to 0 RPM.

Boost Cut

This parameter will prevent forced inducted engines from over boosting. Select the allowable pressure limit before cutting the ignition. The ignition will restart once the pressure has dropped below the value set.

If boost cut is not required select OFF.

Deceleration Fuel Cut

This parameter is used to cut the fuel when the engine vacuum falls below the set value. This is useful for controlling emissions. You would use this parameter to stop injecting fuel when the engine is used to slow the momentum of the vehicle. An example would be decelerating the vehicle down a steep hill by closing the throttle.

Select at which vacuum value you would like the computer to cut fuel. The fuel injection is stopped when the vacuum is stronger than the selected value.

If this feature is not required select No Fuel Cut.

Use Throttle Sensor

This parameter is only used for controlling flood mode and to effect the acceleration enrichment response times. Ticking this parameter will enable the ECU to respond to TPS changes. Other functions like using the TPS as a main load source or special functions such as anti-lag and controlling auxiliary outputs will not be affected.

If a throttle position sensor is fitted then it is recommended that you use it because it will enable the ECU to respond instantly to sudden changes in engine load.

If there is no TPS connected then ensure that this parameter is not ticked.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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