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Acceleration Enrichment

The following 5 parameters work together so you can achieve a smooth acceleration response.


The sensitivity parameter works in conjunction with “aspiration” and “supercharger boost”. These three parameters control the acceleration enrichment response to sudden changes in engine load. The throttle position sensor must be used for these parameters to have any effect. This parameter has 3 settings to choose from Coarse (0), Medium (1) and Fine (2). You may need to experiment with these to obtain the best response time. The coarse setting is used for normal throttle body sizes medium is for a large throttle bodies and fine is for very large throttle bodies or multiple throttle bodies. This function will only appear on screen if a throttle position sensor has been fitted and selected in the "ECU Set-up" screen. These settings affect both the amount of fuel and how quickly the accelerator pump fuel enrichment is activated.

Intake Induction

This parameter works in conjunction with Sensitivity. Acceleration enrichment responses are different for turbo charged or normally aspirated engines than for supercharged engines. There is a time delay between opening the throttle and the air rushing in to fill the manifold. For turbo charged or normally aspirated engines this may be only milliseconds but for supercharged engines it is almost instant. This parameter instructs the ECU to behave according to the aspiration of the engine.

Select Normal / Turbo for normally aspirated or turbo charged engines. Select Super Charged for supercharged (positive displacement) engines.

Super Charger Boost

This parameter works in conjunction with Sensitivity and Intake Induction. It is only for supercharged engines, not for turbo charged engines. Set this value to the max boost pressure that will be reached.

Accelerator Enrichment

Sudden engine load changes are detected in two ways. One is by detecting sudden manifold pressure changes and the other is by throttle position changes (if TPS is used). When using TPS there is a 3 percent dead band before the accelerator pump is activated.

The "Acceleration Enrichment" parameter sets a percentage of extra fuel to be added for immediate acceleration. The percentage is based on values from the main fuel map thus ensuring that the enrichment follows the engines volumetric efficiency.

Through acceleration testing, adjust the ECU until you have achieved a satisfactory engine response. If you can’t get a good response then you may need to adjust the sensitivity as well.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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