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Closed Loop Lambda

All STINGER 4 ECUs offer two closed loop lambda control modes. Narrow band and wide band.

Narrow Band

If you only have a narrow band sensor connected then set the operation mode to Narrow Band. In this mode the system will only detect if the air/fuel ratio is above or below the stoic value and try to maintain this value. Stoic is equal to lambda value 1 or air/fuel ratio 14.7 for petrol engines.

The Target A/F Ratio cannot be selected in this mode.

Wide Band

By selecting either Bosch 4 wire or 5 wire adapter will put the ECU into wide band mode.

The Bosch 4 Wire mode uses the Bosch 4 wire sensor (Bosch Sensor Number

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    258 104 002). All STINGER 4 ECUs can read this sensor directly and provide

accurate air fuel ratio values that are compensated for sensor temperature variations.

The Bosch 5 wire adapter mode uses the LC1 or LM1 lambda kit from Innovate. This kit uses the Bosch 5 wire sensor and a control unit. In this mode the ECU reads either Analog 1 or 2 of the LC-1 output. Before the LC-1 can be used it must be calibrated. Use LM Programmer software to calibrate the LC-1. Set the output to read 0.050 volts for an air fuel ratio of 8.0 and 0.950 volts for an air fuel ratio of 22.

Programming the close loop lambda function

This function is intended for light driving conditions and idle. It should be used to control exhaust emissions.

The Allowable Change parameter determines the maximum automatic fuel percentage adjustment allowed. This setting prevents the ECU form over-adjusting the fuel delivery if there is a lambda sensor failure.

The Operating Range parameter determines the vacuum range in which the close loop function will work. The range starts from minus 100 kPa and ends at the value set by this parameter. The closed loop control will turn off when the engine is above the selected vacuum (closer to zero) and start again once the engine vacuum goes below the selected level.

The Target A/F Ratio parameter sets the air fuel ratio you want to maintain. The ECU will automatically adjust the fuel delivery in order to achieve the selected target or is forced to stop when it reaches the allowable change limit.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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