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Tune Analyser

NOTE: When barometric compensation is active the load point that the ECU is using may not match with the Manifold Pressure being displayed on the live gauges. This is because the ECU now determines the load point based on volumetric efficiently.

Tune Analyser is a feature designed by EMS to assist in tuning an engine to its peak performance by allowing you to log the average A/F ratio at each load point. You can then analyse the data and make adjustments to the fuel map or have the system automatically adjust the fuel map by comparing the target A/F Ratios with the actual A/F ratios and adjusting the fuel map accordingly. Running the Analyser You can have the system automatically adjust the fuel map if you want. First you must set the target A/F ratio for each load point. To start the analyser you must first press the analyser settings button and select to use either A/F input 1, 2 or both. Then press the Run Analyser button while the engine is running so the system will start to constantly monitor the A/F ratio at each load point. The accuracy of the analysis will increase as you run the engine for longer periods. Press the Run Analyser button again to stop monitoring. You can see how many times each load point was recorded by placing the cursor on a grid cell and looking at the read count field just above the buttons. The load points that have been analysed will show highlighted on the Fuel Map grid. Applying changes Automatically You can have the system automatically adjust the fuel map if you want. First you must set the target A/F ratio for each load point. Press the Target A/F Ratio tab and enter the target A/F ratio for each load point you want adjusted. When you press the Apply Changes button the system will automatically adjust the fuel delivery table by comparing the actual A/F ratios with the target ones and adjust the fuel map accordingly. Do this repeatedly until you have achieved a good tune. You may still need to smooth out some peaks and valleys if you want.

TIP: You can also move the actual A/F readings over to the Target map by pressing the Actual to Target button and then adjust each target load point to the desired value. Any load point with a 0 (zero) target value will not be adjusted.

NOTE: You can exclude cells from the being applied by selecting the cell and pressing ALT+X or the "Exclude from apply" button. This can be done from the either the Fuel grid or Tune Analyser grid. Applying changes Manually You can apply changes directly on the fuel grid. After you have analysed and set the A/F targets for the load points you want to adjust you will see that the cells on the fuel delivery grid will be highlighted with either blue or red. A blue highlight indicates that the actual A/F is within + or - 0.1 A/F of the set target. A red highlight indicates that there is more than + or – 0.1 points of difference. You can move to each red load point on the Fuel map and adjust the value up or down until the "Change required" field reads 0 (zero).

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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