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Post/Cold Start Enrichment The Post start enrichment table ensures the engine will start easily by allowing you to increase the amount of fuel for a specified duration after engine start. The increased percentage of fuel will be injected during cranking and decay down to zero percent over a specified time period after the engine starts.

When an engine is cold, extra fuel above the choke level is sometimes required for a short period to overcome fuel sticking onto the cold engine parts such as manifold and valves. Also, especially on hot days an engine may experience starting difficulties when trying to start after being stopped for a short time. This is caused when the fuel inside the fuel lines near a hot engine increase in temperature from heat soak. This effect causes the engine to run lean until the cool fuel reaches the injectors. To overcome this problem you can use the Post Start table.

All STINGER 4 ECUs allow you to specify a percentage of fuel increase at different engine temperatures over specific time duration. Using the Post Start grid under each temperature column to specify the increase fuel percentage and decay duration in seconds. The system will then apply the specified increase to the fuel delivery and gradually decay it over the duration period.

Fuel MAP Override The ECU uses the values in this table internally to calculate a variable resolution fuel map. This enables the tuner to have very fine fuel adjustment over the entire fuel delivery table. Normally, you would not need to adjust these settings except in special situations.

Enter the increase or decrease percentage of fuel for each load position on the grid. This percentage change is based on the fuel delivery table. If these values have been removed or changed to the point where the engine is not operating correctly you can easily bring them back to the factory setting by entering the same value as the actual column heading at each point.


at the -50 KPA column heading enter -50 At the -20 KPA column heading enter –20 At the 0 KPA column heading enter 0 AT the 25 KPA column heading enter 25 AT the 50 KPA column heading enter 50.

You must do this for each grid position.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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