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Digital Input

All STINGER 4 ECUs has 1 digital input that can be used for Antilag (Launch Control), NOS Control, Idle increase, 2-step rev limit or air conditioner control.

Reverse Acting

Input activation will be determined by the reverse acting parameter. If set to “normal” then the input will be active when it is grounded. If set to “reverse acting” then the input will be active if its voltage is between 5 and 12 volts.

Disable Anti lag

This mode will disable (turn off) the antilag if active. Most common use is to connect to a switch that is actuated by the Clutch pedal or thumb operated switch on the steering wheel. When the pedal or switch is released, the input will be activated thus disabling the anti lag. If you will use this method to disable the antilag then you must set the Turn OFF Above KPA parameter to its maximum value.

Two Step RPM limiter

This mode will enable the "Rpm Limit" field. In one switch position, the Ecu will engage the Soft RPM limit to the value selected in the field. In the other switch position, the Ecu reverts back to the normal RPM limits set in the main set-up page. This mode gives the user an extra stall Rpm limit.

Idle Up Percentage (Stall Prevention)

This mode is used in conjunction with whichever auxiliary output is set to Idle control. When this mode is selected then the In Gear Idle up % field will become active. The Input can be connected to an auto transmission or air conditioner compressor clutch so that if a gear is selected or the air conditioner cuts in, the idle valve will open by the In Gear idle up % value to help prevent the engine from stalling.

Nos Function

This mode is used when Nitros oxide injection is activated. The auxiliary input would be connected to the Nos solenoid. When activated, the user can select the amount of Ignition retard in degrees and fuel enrichment in milliseconds. These two fields will become active when this mode is selected.

Note: It is recommended that the fuel portion required with the gas be injected by a separate fuel solenoid and only use the Nos Fuel Increase to trim if a little extra fuel is needed. If you use the Nos Fuel Increase to inject all the fuel required then you must ensure that the fuel injectors are large enough to provide the extra fuel.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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