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Number of Digits

This will determine the number of digits that will be shown on any of the gauges.

Decimal Places

This value determines the accuracy of the display by defining the decimal accuracy.

Number of Labels

On a dial or scope gauge this value determines how many increments are used. On a bar gauge it determines the maximum number of bars displayed. For a digital gauge the value has no effect. For best results you should choose a number that can be divided evenly into the maximum parameter value.

eg: If you defined a dial gauge to show RPM up to a maximum of 10000 RPM and set the number of labels to 5 then the gauge will evenly divide the labels into 5 increments that show 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000 and 10000.

Green and Blue Zone Percentages

Each dial and bar gauge can be shown with three different colour zones, green, blue and red. Use these values to set the green and blue percentages and the remaining percentage will be shown in red.

Show Digit Display

If this parameter is ticked then the gauge will also display a textual representation of the gauge value.

Show Colour Zones

If you do not want a gauge to show colour zones then simply un-tick this parameter.

Retain Max Value

This only works with dial gauges. The gauge will retain the maximum value reached on the gauge. NOTE: The colour zones will not show if this parameter is ticked.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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