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Air and Engine Temp Sensor Calibration

There are many different types of sensors with varying resistances by different manufacturers. This means that a sensor calibration table is needed to translate the output of the sensor being used into a meaningful temperature value.

If you do not find a file that gives you the correct temperature readings, you will need to either create your own new calibration or modify an existing file.

Some OEM sensors may have + or - 10% variation. In extreme cases, you may decide to recalibrate the file you are using.

Using an existing File

EMS provides some pre-defined sensor calibration files. You may download one of these files into your ECU.

To use an existing file, press the open calibration button. A dialog box will open showing a list of pre-defined calibration tables. Select the one you want to use and press the open button. This will read the file and display the data in the calibration grid.

To download this calibration to the ECU, press the Write to ECU button. Once the progress bar has finished, the calibration has been sent to the ECU.

To view the current temperature as seen by the ECU, Go-to the tuning page or press the CTRL+G buttons to display the live gauges screen. If the temperature is not correct, try a different file or modify the table and Write it to the ECU again.

Creating your own File

To create a new calibration file for a sensor it must be connected to the ECU so that the ECU can read its signal voltage. You will also need a thermometer that can read the temperature of the sensor being calibrated. An easy way to do this is to place the sensor and thermometer in a tub of hot water. This will ensure that the thermometer is showing the temperature of the sensor. As the water cools down the sensor signal voltage will change giving a different A/D value for different temperatures.

NOTE: All numbers in the table MUST be in ascending or descending order.

Calibration Steps This example describes how to calibrate a sensor using the method mentioned above. If you need to calibrate a sensor for temperatures that are beyond the scope of this method you will need to devise your own calibration method. Calibration must be done while the sensor is connected to the ECU.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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