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Printing a log chart

You can print the log chart to any printer connected to you PC. To print a chart, press the print button that is just above the chart, select the appropriate print options such as printer, margines, page orientation, etc and then press the “Print” Button.

You can also print a zoomed section of the chart by zooming into the area you want printed before you press the print button.

Saving a log chart

Saving a log chart is not the same as saving the log data. The chart will be saved as graphics file that can be used by a graphics programme such as MS Paint.

To save a log chart press the save button located just above the chart. When the save dialog screen appears, select “Bitmaps (*.Bmp)” in the “Save as type” selection field, Type in an appropriate name for the chart and then press the “Save” button.

Copying a log chart to the clipboard

You can copy a chart to the clipboard by pressing the copy button located above the chart. Doing this will copy an image of the chart to the clipboard, you can then paste it into another application such as Excel, Word, Paint, Etc.

Saving the logged data

You can save the entire log session so you can view the information at any time in the future.

To save the session, select “Save File” from the File menu. When the save dialog screen appears type in a file name in the “File Name” field and press the “Save” button. If you want to overwrite an existing file then select it from the list of previously saved files.

Opening an existing data-log file

To open a previously saved log session, select “Open File” from the File menu. When the open dialog screen appears select the file you want to view from the list of previously saved log sessions and press the “Open” button.

Exporting the logged data

You can export data into either an Excel data file or a tab delimited text file.

To export the logged data, select “Export Data” from the file menu. When the export dialog screen appears then select either Excel or text, select or type in a file name and then press the “Start Export” button. When the export has finished the exported data will be displayed in the selected file format. If Excel was selected then the system will open the Excel application with the exported data. If you do not want the exported data to be displayed then un-tick the “Open file after export” option located just beneath “Destination File” field.

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