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ECU Installation and wiring Flying Lead Loom Installation

The following outlines the procedure for installing the STINGER 4 ECU with an open- ended loom.

Ensure that you have the following items in your kit

  • 1.


  • 2.

    Main Wiring Loom

  • 3.

    Software CD with ECU management software and Installation Manual

  • 4.

    Programming Cable

Mounting the ECU and relays:

Find a suitable location for the ECU inside the cabin away from excessive heat. Ensure that the loom will reach all of the components needed and mount the ECU Find a suitable location for fitting a fuel pump relay and any additional relays used for auxiliary devices such as thermo fans, water injectors, etc and mount them. Run the loom into the engine bay leaving the ECU disconnected from the loom. Connect the MAP sensor tube to the manifold. Connect the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) (optional). Connect the Coolant Temperature Sensor. Connect the Air Temperature Sensor. (Optional) Connect O2 sensor (optional). Connect the crank angle sensors to the trigger input. Sometimes these are driven off the cam, but still give a crank position. Connect any cam angle sensors if applicable to the sync input. Run the injector wires to the corresponding fuel injectors. Connect your fuel pump to the fuel pump relay. Run the wires from all ignition outputs to the ignition modules Connect idle control motors (if applicable). Connect any other auxiliary devices such as thermo-fans Connect the thick ground (black) wire to the chassis (DO NOT Connect this wire to the engine block) Connect power from the battery to the main relay(s). Connect power from the main relay(s) to injectors, ignition modules, and any other auxiliary devices that require a switched 12V supply. Connect the red +12V supply wire from the ECU to the ignition key power. At this stage ensure that the ignition modules and fuel injectors are not connected. Plug the ECU to the loom and connect the laptop computer to the ECU using the serial cable supplied. Switch on the ignition key to power up the ECU.

WARNINGS: Neglecting these warnings may cause damage to the ECU board.

  • 1.

    All unused stepper motor output wires must be insulated.

  • 2.

    Unused regulated voltage output wires must be insulated. These wires are the red wire found inside the sub-loom and the orange wire found in the main loom.

  • 3.

    Do not connect any ground wire to the engine or any item that is connected directly on the engine block.

Stinger 4 instruction manual version 2.0



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