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Dennis Bright is the National Logistics Manager at Allowrie Foods Australia Limited, part of the National Foods Limited Group. This is the final report complied during his International Study Tour. While in Japan, Dennis visited Isuzu Motors in the City of Fujisawa to gain an insight into a Japanese company that incorporated both Total Quality Management (TQM) and Just in Time (JIT) concepts into their daily operations.

“People – the heart of Isuzu technology. We at Isuzu have always viewed our vehicles as more than just tools for transportation, but as extensions of the human experience. We view our vehicles as products of a fine culture, the Isuzu machine represents more than a machine but an art form, something not only admired for its mechanical virtues but for what it contributes at rest or sweeping across the plains.

All our vehicles closely emulate the human experience, the brain, nerves, and five senses all have their counterpart in the Isuzu vehicle leaving the driver free to concentrate on the road and the pleasure of movement. Ultimately we think of our vehicles as representing the harmony of man and the machine.”

This is the Isuzu corporate philosophy as spoken bye Kazuo Tobiyama, President and Director of Isuzu Motors. Although one thinks first of the poetic licence that may have been taken here, that thought soon dissolves once one has seen the companay in operation and the absolute dedication by all employees in making a quality product. From the arrival of the rolled steel to the finished product, one can see the passion for quality.

The Isuzu factory at Fujisawa is one of the largest production facilities in Japan covering 1,150,000 square metres and employing 8460 people. The company’s dedication to automotive excellence is evident in the fact that of the 8460 employees, 1569 are employed in Research and Development and the Engineering Division (Robotic Control). With these attributes, and with the highest degree of automotive engineering in the world today, Isuzu is gearing up to be the Number One automobile manufacturer in the world within the next decade.

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