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and D and the Robotic Control employees are constantly working on new and innovative ways to improve their vehicles. Current projects underway include:

  • Development of automobiles for the future, e.g. the COA111 DOH

prototype which has a 1.46 litre turbo-charged ceramic engine with full time 4- wheel drive and 4-wheel steer.

  • The development of nil pollution engines.

  • A laser detection analysis division that is working to eliminate all

vibrations from Isuzu vehicles.

  • The development of joining ceramic parts to cast iron parts.

  • Development of a ceramic diesel engine.

  • Crash test analysis, where vehicles are filmed under crash mode and then

the film is scrutinised under the microscope frame by frame to discover what body adjustments are required.

  • Isuzu Racing Division. This part of R and D concentrates on the rally

segment of motor sport for vehicle testing.

Recent developments from the Isuzu R and D Division include the NAVI transmission system which is a computer with high speed actuators to combine automatic convenience with the fuel economy of manual transmission.

Th QOS 11 Rapid Start which employs ceramic glow plugs that require only 3.5 seconds of preheating at -20ºC is another innovation from Isuzu.

The Quality Control Division is small by Australian standards because, as Isuzu say, “We have 8460 quality control managers”.

This philosophy is the main ingredient in the production of some of the finest quality vehicles produced in Japan today. This quality is evident when it is revealed that 60% of Isuzu’s vehicles are exported with a shipload of their products leaving a Japanese port daily.

Workers regularly hold quality control meetings to discuss ideas on how then can upgrade their production section. Any area of the production that may appear dangerous to any Isuzu employee is made totally automated to ensure the Company’s safety record remains intact.

All this professional and total devotion to quality is backed up by the Isuzu Servicing Network that supplies genuine parts to dealers around the world. This parts centre, with over 400,000 parts guarantees high availability of service parts with full-scale computerisation in the centre.

This tour was the most extensive and informative of the tour and I thank Isuzu for the hospitality that they afforded me on this visit.

Several other interesting points that Isuzu made were:

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