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To change the gearshift program, all the driver has to do is press the Drivelogic button on the centre console. Indeed, he is even able to save his personal favourite among the Drivelogic options as part of an individual, personalised configuration, then retrieving this specific function at any time simply by pressing the MDrive button on the multifunction steering wheel of his BMW M3. Then, just like the gear currently in mesh, the driving program selected is shown in the instrument cluster between the speedometer and the rev counter.

Sports or comfort: the driver has the choice. In the D-mode with the gearbox shifting automatically among no less than seven gears, the driver has the choice of five Drivelogic programs adjusting the gearshift characteristics very precisely to the driver’s individual style of motoring.

The driving programs differ through the speed at which they change gears as well as the engine revs at which a gearshift is initiated. Both of these parameters are varied in all driving programs as a function of current driving conditions, the speed of the car, and the position of the gas pedal. So choosing the appropriate driving program, the driver is able to use the sports and comfort potential of the M double-clutch transmission as he wishes.

In a particularly sporting set-up – driving program D5 – the M double-clutch transmission shifts up almost like in a racing car whenever the driver activates the kick-down function, that is shortly before the engine reaches its maximum speed – and the process of shifting down is equally dynamic.

The other end of the gearshift range is Drivelogic stage D1 enabling the driver to set off in second gear. In this case the clutch is particularly smooth and soft, helping the driver to set off without problems on, say, slippery surfaces in winter.

In the automated mode the driver is able to influence the gearshift for example by taking back the gas pedal slowly and determining himself when the transmission shifts up. Conversely, by kicking down the gas pedal he is able to quickly shift back to the best gear for optimum acceleration.

Clear signals: feedback when shifting and Shift Lights. In the manual gearshift mode the driver has the choice of six Drivelogic driving programs again rendering the complete range of features and characteristics so typical of the M Double Clutch Gearbox. In the most dynamic Drivelogic stages in the S-mode, management of the clutch is very sporting and dynamic, creating the direct flow of power so typical of a car with a manual

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