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To activate the D- or S-mode and to shift to reverse, the driver first has the choice of the new sports shift lever exclusive to the BMW M3, enabling the him to shift gears himself in the S-mode. In this case he moves the gearshift lever only along one line, that is in a sequential process.

As an alternative the driver is able to shift gears via paddles on the steering wheel, pulling the right-hand paddle to shift up, the left paddle to shift down.

Consistent enhancement of the automated manual gearbox. As early as in 1996, the BMW M3 became the first production car in the world to feature a fully automated manual gearbox. In the years to come the Sequential M Gearbox (SMG) was consistently enhanced and upgraded in two further generations, optimised in its control logic and enhanced by the addition of further functions.

In 2001 BMW M GmbH then presented the – again unique – Sequential M Gearbox with Drivelogic in the predecessor to the new BMW M3, enabling the driver to adjust gearshift characteristics according to his individual requirements and preferences.

The new M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic now offers further, consistent enhancement of the automated manual gearbox in BMW M GmbH’s high-performance sports cars. Similar to the Sequential M Gearbox featured so far, the new gearbox fulfils all the specific requirements coming from motorsport in the transmission of supreme engine power to the drive wheels and offers unique control and gearshift technology all enhanced to an unprecedented standard.

Once again, therefore, BMW M GmbH is setting a new benchmark in technology through this new gearshift concept. And like the three generations of the Sequential M Gearbox in the past, the M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic immediately comes at the top of the market in terms of sporti- ness and driving pleasure in a production car.

Motorsport as the benchmark, top performance as the principle. In its concept and operating principle, the Double Clutch Gearbox comes straight from motorsport. On the race track, where every tenth of a second is crucial to winning or losing, this unique gearshift concept has proven its value and benefits in the same way as the sequential gearshift used in Formula 1: Shifting up with his foot fully on the throttle and without the slightest interruption of torque and pulling force makes even a professional driver a few fractions of a second faster, giving him that small but incredibly important advantage on the track.

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