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Kenwood’s TK-7160(H)/8160(H) mobiles provide the performance, power and quality for reliable communications in a wide range of mobile applications and environments. Advanced features include a 128-channel/128-zone capacity, FleetSync® and voice-inversion scrambling.

ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL DESIGN The 160-Series compact, rugged and smart industrial design offers ease of installation, practicality, durability and style.

128 CHANNELS / 128 ZONES The convenient 128 channel / 128 zone capability accommodates virtually any current or future capacity requirement for single or multiple site radio systems.

ADVANCED DISPLAY The backlit LCD with 8-character, 13 segment aliases with and icons provides an easy-to-read channel, function and FleetSync® messaging display day or night.

ENHANCED KENWOOD AUDIO The TK-7160(H)/8160(H) provides loud clear audio even in noisy environments.

MEETS/EXCEEDS MIL-STD DRIP RAIN The TK-7160(H)/8160(H) is built to survive the hard knocks and harsh weather environments of many type mobile installations. These mobiles meet or exceed the MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, & F environmental standards including the “drip rain” test.*

  • *

    MIL-STD compatibility requires the KMC-35 or KMC-36 microphone.


VHF/UHF FM Mobile Radios

FleetSync® & AVL Kenwood’s FleetSync® digital signalling system includes PTT ID digital ANI for instant radio call identification and Emergency status for personnel safety. FleetSync® also includes status messaging, selective calling, caller ID display, and stun features. Also, GPS receivers can be interfaced for FleetSync® Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems.

EMERGENCY CALL Emergency Calling notifies a dispatcher of personnel in distress by activation of a front panel emergency key. The "silent alert" and Suspend Power Off features will inconspicuously send Emergency even if the mobile’s power has been turned off. Emergency Call operates with FleetSync®, DTMF or ANI board emergency signaling.

QT/DQT, DTMF & 2-TONE SIGNALLING In addition to FleetSync®, the TK-7160(H)/8160(H) includes industry standard signalling formats: QT/DQT, 2-Tone (encode/decode) that can be utilized for talk groups, system access, selective calling, talk back paging, status messaging and remote control applications.

SCAN Multi-channel call monitoring can be customized for users with single/multi-zone scan and delete/add scan features. Priority Scan automatically checks a primary channel for activity while receiving a call on a non-priority channel. Convenience features such as Priority Channel Alert, Temporary Delete, Priority Temporary Delete, Revert Channel Display facilitate user-friendly operation and eliminate confusion.

VOICE INVERSION SCRAMBLER The built-in voice inversion scrambler provides basic communications protection against casual eavesdropping.


  • Power-On LCD Message

  • LCD Backlight Intensity

  • 5 Programmable Function Keys

  • Backlit Keys

  • Channel & Zone Delete/Add

  • Operator Selectable Tone

  • Special Alert Tone Patterns

  • Minimum Volume

  • 8 PF Accessory Ports for External Control

  • Data Ready Accessory Connector

  • Horn Alert / PA Option

  • Ignition-Sense Cable Options

  • KDS-100 Compatible

  • KGP-2A/2B Compatible

  • Embedded Message with Password

  • Programming Data Password

  • Field Program Capability

  • Cloning

  • Microsoft Windows® PC Programming & Tuning

  • Encryption & ANI Control Capability

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