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Author/ Editor Brown, R. Gene & Johnston, Ken Coopers & Lybrand Couper, Charles Tennant

Year 1984 1984 1984

Publisher Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub

Deinzer, Harvey De Paula, F.R.M. Dodson, James Dyer, S. Florence, P. Sargant

1984 1984 1984 1984 1984

Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub

Foye, Arthur Garrett, A.A. Hofstede, Geert Howitt, Sir Harold

1984 1984 1984 1984

Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub

Institute of Chartered Accountants


Garland Pub

Kitchen, J. & Parker, R.H. Lee, T.A. Pryce-Jones, Janet & Parker, R.H. Robinson, H.W. London, 1952 Thompson, Wardbaugh Craswell, Allen Hawkins, David F.

1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1986 1986

Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub Garland Pub

Hawawini, Gabriel & Michel, Pierre


Garland Pub

McKinnon, Jill L.


Garland Pub

Parker, Lee D. Sheldahl, Terry K.

1986 1986

Garland Pub Garland Pub

CEASA Historical Collection

Generously Donated by Professor Richard P. Brief

Title Paciolo on Accounting The Early History of Coopers & Lybrand Report of the Trial… Against the Directors & Manager of the city of Glasgow Bank Development of Accounting Thought The Principles of Auditing The Accountant A Common Sense Method of Double Entry Bookings Economics of Fatigue and Unrest and the Efficiency of Labour in English and American Industry Haskins & Sells The History of the Society of Incorporated Accountants 1885-1957 The Game of Budget Control The History of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, 1870-1965 History of the Charetered Accountants of Scotland from the Earliest Times to 1954 Accounting Thought & Education The Evolution of Corporate Financial Reporting Accounting in Scotland A History of Accountants in Ireland The Sixth International Congress on Accounting, 1952 The Accomptant's Oracle Audit qualifications in Australia, 1950 to 1979 Corporate Financial Disclosure, 1900-1933: A Study of Management Inertia Within a Rapidly Changing Environment Mandatory financial information and capital market equilibrium in Belgium Historical development and operational form of corporate reporting regulation in Japan Developing control concepts in the 20th century Beta Alpha Psi, from Omega to Zeta Omega : the making of a comprehensive accounting fraternity, 1946-1984

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