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ASN which has, following such declaration, issued a licence which permits me to do so.

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    Any application form for a Licence which was signed by a person under the age of 18 years was countersigned by that person’s parent/legal guardian/guarantor, whose full names and addresses have been given.

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    If I am the Parent/Guardian/Guarantor of the driver I understand that I shall have the right to be present during any procedure being carried out under the Supplementary Regulations issued for this event and the General Regulations of the MSA. As the Parent/ Guardian/Guarantor I confirm that I have acquainted myself with the MSA General Regulations, agree to pay any appropriate charges and fees pursuant to those Regulations (to include any appendices thereto) and hereby agree to be bound by those Regulations and submit myself without reserve to the consequences resulting from those Regulations (and any subsequent alteration thereof). Further, I agree to pay as liquidated damages any fines imposed upon me up to the maxima set out in Part 3, Appendix 3.

Note: Where the Parent/Guardian/Guarantor is not present there must be a representative who must produce a written and signed authorisation to so act from the Parent/Guardian/Guarantor as appropriate.

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    I hereby agree to abide by the MSA Child Protection Policy and Guidelines.

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    I declare that I hold a full, valid driving licence.”

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Tobacco advertising in the United Kingdom is prohibited.


Organisers Advertising

The Organisers’ advertising is detailed in Appendix 2.


Rally Plates

Competitor numbers and rally plates must be affixed to the car for scrutineering. These must be visible for the duration of the rally. Details concerning the numbers and rally plates can be found in Article 11 of the 2011 FIA RRCSR.

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      Studded Tyres

The use of studded tyres is prohibited. Tyres must conform to the 2011 FIA RRCSR Article 50 and Appendix IV. Gravel tyres are the only pattern permitted during the event.


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