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The exact location of these will be highlighted in the Road Book.

11.10 Traffic Infringements (Art. 15.3 of the 2011 FIA Regional Rally Championships Sporting Regulations)

Following a Police report received after the start of the rally the first traffic infringement will incur a fine of £25 for each km per hour over the speed limit:

The amount of the fine is unaltered by any fine that may or may not be levied by the Police. 11.11 Final Parc Fermé

Provided that the results have become final, and the Stewards have authorised the Parc Fermé to be opened, cars must be removed from the Parc Fermé before 10.30hrs on Monday 10 October.

Cars can only be removed from Parc Fermé on production of a vehicle release card which will be issued at administrative checks in Perth.

11.12 Re-start After Retirement

A competing car which fails to finish Leg 1 or Leg 2 of the rally will be able to restart the next Leg. This shall apply to any car which has been excluded on the grounds of exceeding the latest allowable time limit or has failed to report to a control, but shall not apply where the car has been excluded for breach of eligibility requirements, traffic infringements or by a decision of the Stewards.

Any car that fails to finish Leg 1 or Leg 2 in accordance with the above may be repaired at the competitor’s discretion. However, the car must report to the overnight Parc Fermé prior to the next Leg, no later than 6 hours before the scheduled start of that Leg.

The car must retain its original body shell and engine block as marked at pre-event scrutineering. The entrant must advise the Organisers of the intention to have the car rescrutineered prior to the start of the Stewards’ meeting at the end of the Leg which the car has failed to finish, or the Clerk of the Course in the case of Leg 1.


For all crews which restart a time penalty will be applied. This time penalty will be as follows:

For every stage missed:

5 minutes

However, should the first time a special stage is missed be the last stage before the end of a Leg, the penalty will be 10 minutes.

This time penalty will be added to the fastest time of the drivers class.

Should retirement occur after the last special stage before an overnight regroup, the crew will nonetheless have deemed to have missed the last special stage.

Any crew which has retired from a section on the last Leg of the rally will not be classified.


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