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property of, third parties on public road parts of the event. The event is not operating any RTA insurance scheme for competitors.

9. Refuelling

Refuel zones (RZ) will be set up at appropriate points on the route and adjacent to the Service Area at Perth Airport and Aberfoyle.

There is no refuelling allowed within the Service Area. Competitors may take their own fuel into the RZ.

10. Reconnaissance

Pre-event practising, testing or reconnaissance over the Special Stages on this event is forbidden. Any competitor, or his agent, observed before this event on private land scheduled to be used as a special stage, will be excluded from the event or have the start refused.

The only exception to this rule will be for persons who live on, or whose employment causes them to travel on, a road used for the event.

Competitors may use route notes purchased from Scotmaps for the 2011 RACMSA Rally of Scotland National. Competitors are advised that the organisers accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever in the use of these stage route notes. Scotmaps can be contacted at www.scotmaps.co.uk.


Scrutineering, Sealing and Marking

Transmissions will not be sealed on National cars and the sump guard must be fitted for scrutineering.

Head restraints (HANS devices), whilst recommended, are not mandatory for the National rally.

The organisers have applied to the MSA to modify GR (J) 5.13.4 to allow the use of FIA specification fuel (up to and including 102 octane).

Competitors wishing to carry In-Car video cameras must have written permission from the Clerk of the Course and present the written authorisation to the Chief Scrutineer at Scrutineering, GR (J) 5.20.5.

The Competitor will be issued with a Sponsor’s logo, which must be located on the dashboard of the car centrally in view of the camera. The equipment must be fitted when the car is presented for Scrutineering GR (R) 48.10.10.

If permission to carry an onboard camera is granted the competitor must confirm their agreement that the material gathered is for their own private use and all commercial rights remain at all times the property of the event promoters.

The Mandatory IRC Advertising (items 1 – 4) listed in Appendix 2 is not required to be carried by National competitors. The Mandatory Event Car Numbers (items 5 – 9) and Optional Organisers Advertising (item 10) is still required.


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