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beyond the boundaries of the development site at 2-foot intervals.


The applicant is also responsible for submitting an erosion and sediment control plan as an integral part of the site development plans submitted for a building permit.  The erosion and sediment control plan must show the type and location of all proposed measures, which will include at least one temporary construction entrance.  Staff may require the plan to show additional measures, including diversion channels and siltation basins, at such locations as may be necessary to retain eroded material on the development site.  Also, the plan must include general notes on installing and maintaining siltation control measures and restoring vegetation on disturbed areas, an installation schedule, details of any special grading activities, and standards details of all proposed measures.

9.Erosion and sediment control measures are required for all land disturbing activities.  The applicant is responsible for installing all such measures shown on the approved plans prior to commencing any grading activities.  The applicant is also responsible for maintaining such measures throughout construction until vegetation is established over the disturbed areas.  Staff may require additional measures as may be necessary in the field to repair eroded areas and retain sediment on the development site.  The applicant is responsible for installing such additional measures or repairing existing measures within 72 hours of receiving notification.  All disturbed areas must be covered with sod, or seed and mulch, immediately following the completion of final site grading.  All temporary measures must be removed once vegetation is established over the disturbed areas.

10.The applicant is responsible for obtaining such permits as may be required by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) for grading activities covered by the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Program.  A copy of the application for any required permit must be submitted to the City prior to the issuance of any grading permit.

11.The street improvements required for this development, including the driveway approaches, shall be designed according to the standards in the Shawnee Manual of Technical Specifications and Design Criteria.


The conceptual street improvements shown for this development generally adhere to City design standards and are adequate for the purpose of reviewing the site plan.  However, the following design issues and any additional issues discovered during the review of the site development plans must be resolved prior to the issuance of any public improvement permit.

While the applicant is ultimately responsible for improving “half” of the three streets adjoining the development site, the City was

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