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recently notified that it has received approximately $175,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding, which will be used to improve 57th Terrace between King Street and Barton Street and to install a sidewalk on the west side of Barton Street between 57th Terrace and 58th Street.  Accordingly, the applicant’s responsibility for improving Barton Street will begin at the north end of the northwest curb return at the intersection with 57th Terrace.  The City may receive additional funding in future years that could be used to improve 57th Street, but that funding does not exist today.  City staff is also concerned that site constrains, utility relocations, and mobilization costs for a relatively small project makes it impractical for the applicant to phase the required improvements, which must be completed prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

The vertical and horizontal alignments of the new roadway on Barton Street will be based off of the top-of-curb elevations and back-of-curb alignment of the curb line on the east side of the existing roadway.

The west end of the proposed curb return on 57th Street will be aligned with the westerly prolongation of the existing curb line on the south side of 57th Street between Nieman Road and Barton Street.  From this point, the proposed curb line will extend on a straight alignment to the soon to be completed curb return at the northeast corner of the intersection of 57th Street and King Street.  The applicant is responsible for preparing a centerline street profile from King Street to the crest lying east of Barton Street.  This centerline profile must be submitted to the Development Review Engineer for review and approval prior to preparing the site development plans.

The vertical and horizontal alignment of the new roadway on 57th Street will be determined during the design phase of that street improvement project.  The applicant will need to schedule and coordinate the final design of his project accordingly.

The applicant is responsible for verifying the pavement depth of both streets prior to the pre-design meeting.  While the existing pavement may be utilized to the extent possible for the new roadway, all distressed pavement, typically found at the edge of the pavement shall be removed and replaced.  The finished pavement must be a minimum of 8 inches thick.  The applicant may also be required to possibly mill the existing pavement next to the entrance to Capitol Federal Savings and Loan on Barton Street and place an asphalt wedge to re-establish the crown of the street.

The applicant is responsible for obtaining access control easements along the easterly 15 feet of the front lot lines on the adjoining properties to allow the curb returns of the two proposed driveway approaches to extend beyond the west line of the development site.  The easements must be submitted to the Development Review

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