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These streets shall also comply with the following modified roadway design standards for a local residential street:

The main roadway will be 27 feet wide measured from back-of-curb to back-of-curb.  The parallel parking stalls will be 9 feet wide, making the total width of the roadway 36 feet.  The stalls will be 24 feet long.

The radii of the curb returns at an intersection will be 25 feet.

The asphalt pavement will be a minimum of 8 inches thick.

Type ‘A’ curbs are required.  Type ‘A – dry” curbs are required adjacent to the parallel parking stalls.

The flowline of an “asphalt” gutter will be placed 26.5 feet west of the existing curb line.  The parallel parking stalls will drain towards this gutter.

The right-of-way behind the curb will be graded to a typical cross-section having a gradient of ¼-inch to ½-inch per foot.

Sidewalks are required along the frontages of both streets.  The sidewalk shall be one-foot inside the right-of-way, with sidewalk ramps installed to ADA standards at the intersections and the commercial driveway approaches.

Pavement markings for the parallel parking stalls will be provided as specified by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).


The conceptual design of the commercial driveway approaches shown for this development appears to be in substantial compliance with City standards for one-way driveways.  These approaches will be designed according to Standard Detail 21-10, and the following:

A one-way approach will be a minimum of 17 feet wide and a maximum of 20 feet wide, measured from back-of-curb to back-of-curb.

Curb returns for these approaches will have a radius of 15 feet.

No portion of an approach will extend across the prolongation of a side lot line unless the applicant submits no access easements for the adjoining properties as discussed above.

Stormwater collected on a public street is not allowed to drain onto adjoining properties.  An approach will have a slope of ¼-inch to ½-inch per foot toward the street.  Beyond the right-of-way, the centerline gradient of the driveway should not exceed a slope of plus 12 percent or minus 8 percent.

An approach will be paved with a minimum thickness of 6 inches of concrete or 8 inches of asphalt.

Depressions for sidewalk ramps will be installed only at those locations where a sidewalk will be placed.  All sidewalk ramps shall comply with all applicable ADA standards.

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