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Stormwater Manager.  The plan must accurately depict the limits of all parcels that comprise the development site and indicate the applicable Johnson County parcel identification numbers.  Use crosshatching for existing impervious areas and halftone shading for proposed impervious areas.  All existing and proposed impervious areas must be summarized in a table by parcel number including the proposed total impervious area per each parcel.

14. On-site detention is not mandatory because the proposed nonresidential development is smaller than 5 acres.  Accordingly, the applicant is responsible for paying a detention fee of $7,000.00 per impervious acre created by the development instead of constructing an on-site facility.  The applicant is responsible for calculating the net square footage of impervious area created and submitting this figure to the City for approval.  The required fee must be paid prior to the issuance of a footing and foundation permit.

15. The applicant is responsible for scheduling a pre-design meeting with the Development Review Engineer prior to preparing the final site development plans, which must show all proposed public and private site improvements.  The public improvements required for this development includes grading within the public street right-of-way, constructing new street improvements, constructing the commercial driveway approaches, constructing public drainage improvements and possibly connecting the private system to the public system.  These public improvements shall be designed according to the standards in the Shawnee Manual of Technical Specifications and Design Criteria.  The final site development plans must be submitted to the Development Review Engineer for review and approval of the public improvements prior to issuance of a footing and foundation permit.

16.Prior to issuance of a footing and foundation permit, the applicant must obtain one or more Public Improvements Permits for all street and storm drainage improvements required for the development site.  All public improvements shall be constructed according to the standards in the Shawnee Manual of Technical Specifications and Design Criteria.  No Certificate of Occupancy for the development shall be issued prior to the completion, inspection, and acceptance of all required public improvements.

17.All fire hydrants, fire lanes and fire suppression equipment shall be installed as required by the Fire Department.

18.The elevations indicate tenant signage on the store awnings facing Barton. All signage shall meet the standards set out by Section 5.64 of the Shawnee Municipal Code, and permits shall be obtained prior to installation.

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