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Consider the March 19, 2007 Planning Commission minutes. - page 22 / 38





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Mitch Lambeth stated that there is room behind the garage to park one car.  He stated that it was approximately eighteen feet from the garage to the rear of the building.

Commissioner Beckenbaugh asked what the intent was of the spaces along the street.

Mitch Lambeth answered those are primarily to be used by the customers or the owners of the commercial facilities.

Commissioner Bogina asked if employees would have to depend on parking in the residential neighborhood to the north.

Mitch Lambeth answered that they would park within the town area itself.

Commissioner Bogina asked if the owner has tried to work with Capitol Federal to use their parking facilities.

Joseph Lino, Lino’s Holdings, 11216 Johnson Drive, noted that he stood before this Commission in 2005 and asked for approval on a blighted run down building, Marietta’s Florist, which was finished in 2006.  He noted that he then again came to this Commission in 2006 and asked for approval to build a structure in the parking lot on Johnson Drive, adjacent to Marietta’s, which just recently have all been platted into condominiums and have worked out very well.  He stated that the concept of live above your business, which when he moved to downtown Shawnee and when he talks about downtown Shawnee he is talking about on Johnson Drive, there were zero residents that lived in a four block radius of City Hall, now there are two.  He noted that they also have a new business in the building, a law practice.

Joseph Lino stated that most of the inquiries on this property have been for CPA and Law firms.  He noted that they do not anticipate any retail going in this development at all.  He noted that the first structure, Building A, the way it shows on the plan, is sub-divided and there is no question that a tenant can come in and take both sides, they are trying to accommodate different sizes, there is 1,100 square feet up to 2,400 square feet.

Commissioner Bogina asked where Mr. Lino would suggest that employee’s park when asked.

Joseph Lino stated that currently on Johnson Drive they have a 2,000 square foot structure that holds two attorneys, husband and wife and that on-site parking in the street has been sufficient.  He stated that it has been suggested to talk to Capitol Federal and to Vita Craft about shared parking, which has not been done at this time.

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