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Consider the March 19, 2007 Planning Commission minutes. - page 23 / 38





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Commissioner Bogina asked if they were going to flood the single family neighborhoods with their parking because they have over built the site.

Joseph Lino stated that he could see Commissioner Bogina’s point and currently for the record the house that is on the southwest side of the adjacent property is in foreclosure, they are anticipating a contract to be written by Friday on that property.  He noted that he would anticipate coming before the Planning Commission with a plan for parking only on that site.  He stated that the City was gracious enough to build them thirty-four parking spaces directly behind his Johnson Drive location, which is one block to the south of this particular location.

Commissioner Bogina stated that it would make a better plan and better for the City to accommodate everyone’s needs to park.  He asked Mr. Lino to describe the design intent of both the height and materials and the color of the structures.

Joseph Lino answered that the materials and the color were the same, at his request, that this Commission approved for Johnson Drive.  He noted that he is trying to build something that the City wants to see, the exact same limestone, the same stucco color and the same trim.  He stated that way there was no question that they were trying to put something there that was oddball or something that did not fit into the location; as such, they stayed with the same materials and of course within the Shawnee Downtown Guidelines.  

Commissioner Bogina asked if the architect expressed to him any of his thoughts as to why he chose this design.

Joseph Lino stated that if he could recall back to last years minutes that design was designed, and he quoted “by an amateur”.  He noted that he was the one that designed that building on a napkin.  He indicated that the design of the first building is exactly what he built on Johnson Drive that this Commission approved.  He stated that instead of being twenty-five feet wide, which was what the lot line restrictions were, the first building is going to be thirty-eight feet wide.  He stated that Phase I would be the building on the south, Phase II would be the center section, buildings two, three and four, and Phase III would be building five.

Commissioner Bogina asked Mr. Lambeth if he has had any discussion with staff in tying the downspout system to the public storm system verses having it surface drain.

Mitch Lambeth answered not specifically on the downspouts, but what they have discussed with staff was the possible use of porous pavement in the alleyway in the back, as a means to get the runoff off the surface and into the ground.  He stated that if that should happen the retaining wall would have a drainage system behind it that would tie in then to the public drainage system.  He stated that if that does not happen, if economically it is not feasible, there would be drainage improvements made so water is collected before it exits the site.

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