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Consider the March 19, 2007 Planning Commission minutes. - page 24 / 38





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Commissioner Bogina asked if they have had any discussions with the adjacent neighbors with regard to the proposed retaining wall.

Mitch Lambeth answered no.

Commissioner Bogina asked if they have discussed with staff as to whether or not landscaping in some way would be a better screen than a six-foot fence.

Joseph Lino stated for the record, he was for all for landscaping instead of a retaining wall if that would make the Commission and neighbors happier.  He stated that as for the chicken wire that was up there before, they are proposing an improvement.  He stated that he was willing, if staff is willing to look at trees or shrubbery, as long as it works from an engineering standpoint.  He stated that would make the project easier and obviously it would be more cost effective for them if they do it the other way as opposed to building a retaining wall.  He noted that he was not liking the retaining wall but he would build it if the need be.

Commissioner Bogina asked if they needed the retaining wall for a grade change.

Mitch Lambeth answered yes, the retaining wall was necessary.

Commissioner Beckenbaugh stated that at the Johnson Drive location, the entire first story elevation is stone.  He asked if there was a reason why they have not chosen the same for this location.

Joseph Lino answered yes sir, money.  He stated that it was a $40,000 shot to put stone on five buildings and was proposing the project to be accepted this way.  He noted that he did think it through and he was trying to build some affordable housing in downtown Shawnee without the Plaza prices.  He stated that everything that they have turned to, retaining walls, street improvements and possibly adding some limestone adds cost to the project, which adds cost to the consumer.

Planning Director Chaffee added that if this project was on Nieman Road or on Johnson Drive we would be requiring that because it would be in the Pedestrian Zone.  He noted that this project is a block back and a block off, it is not in the Pedestrian Zone and while we would like the same materials, we don’t necessarily expect that type of detail to occur at this location.


Ella Smith, 11217 W. 57th Street asked if there were retail, what type of retail would it be.

Deputy Planning Director Allmon answered that TSQ (Townsquare) zoning is one of the City’s more strict commercial districts.  He explained that there is a Table of General Uses in the zoning code that provides all the uses that are permitted

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