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in each zoning district within the City.  He stated that some examples of allowed uses would be an ice cream shop, coffee shop, vacuum cleaner shop just to name a few.

Ella Smith note that she was concerned with traffic, offices would be daytime and would not bother her but it would if there was a lot of traffic in the evening due to retail.

Joseph Lino stated that he was looking for professional people.  He noted that he was not looking for high traffic businesses.

Ella Smith indicated that she could not speak for her neighbors but she would rather have a retaining wall for drainage purposes rather than trees.

Lisa Sylva, 5532 Barton Lane, stated that it has been said that the businesses would be sold to professional people, what if the first owners sell, are there requirements or a homeowners association that would have to approve who they can sell to.

Joseph Lino answered that they would have to be approved through the City’s downtown guidelines and they would have to qualify for the TSQ (Townsquare) district.

Deputy Planning Director Allmon stated that before anyone can occupy or operate in Shawnee they have to get an occupational license through the City.  He explained that one of the processes for that is that they have to come to the Planning Department with paperwork, we look up their use, compare it to the zoning matrix and if the business or occupation is not permitted in the zoning district, they would not be allowed to do business there.

Lisa Sylva asked if the ten year tax abatement would be a part of this project.

Deputy Planning Director Allmon answered that this project is in the KNRA (Kansas Neighborhood Revitalization Act) re-development area, as such, it is eligible for the program.


Commissioner Beckenbaugh stated that he would like to thank the developer for bringing this project to the City.  He stated that the floor plan is clever.  He stated that he thought that the concept was good and was a good project in general for the City.  He stated that the building could be a lot better with not much effort.  He stated that the buildings a very flat and two dimensional and without much effort or expense they could be greatly improved.  He suggested that the applicant work with staff to make that happen.

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