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Commissioner Bogina stated that he would agree that it is a good use but indicated that he thought there were some problems with it.  He noted that he was concerned with parking and agreed with Commissioner Beckenbaugh that the buildings need some punching out.  He stated that the buildings look flat and uninteresting.  He stated that could be changed by adding some material or change in color to differentiate them from the mass of the entire 25,817 square feet of structures.

Joseph Lino stated that they did try different colors and materials but there was no way for it to be a condominium development of thirteen units and have everything flow from one side to the other.  He explained that there were a lot of man hours that went into this design and a lot of playing on the computer until two and three o’clock in the morning by himself.  He noted that this is what they were proposing and hoped that the Commission approves it.

Commissioner Pflumm stated that he had some concerns with regard to parking and asked Mr. Lino from the standpoint of building the project in three phases would he be amenable to some type of agreement that he would not start the last phase until we were able to determine the parking needs.  He asked Mr. Lino if he would commit to having enough parking whether it is toward the last phase or on an adjacent lot.

Joseph Lino stated that again, currently that there are no parking requirements in downtown Shawnee and would ask the Commission to approve the plan the way it is.  

Commissioner Bogina noted that it was not correct or misstated that there are no parking requirements for downtown Shawnee, the Planning Commission maintains what is adequate.  He asked Planning Director Chaffee if that was true.

Planning Director Chaffee answered that was correct.

Commissioner Bogina stated that in this case the applicant is attempting to get more parking but thought that the market will tell him that providing eight spaces for commercial use was not adequate and was going to tax the single family areas if they have to park on the side streets on a temporary basis.


Commissioner Bogina, seconded by Commissioner Miller moved to approve SP-15-07-04 site plan for Lino’s Barton Place, located in the 5700 block of Barton and recommended the City Council approve Z-01-07-04, to rezone the property from R-1 (Single Family Residential) to TSQ (Townsquare), subject to staff recommendations.  The motion carried 9-0.

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