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Consider the March 19, 2007 Planning Commission minutes. - page 30 / 38





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Commercial driveway approaches will be designed generally according to Standard Detail 21-10, and the following:

An undivided approach will be a minimum of 25 feet wide and a maximum of 31 feet wide, measured from back-of-curb to back-of-curb.

No portion of an approach will extend across the prolongation of a side lot line.

Stormwater collected on a public street is not allowed to drain onto adjoining properties.  An approach will match the existing roadway crown, sloping away from the street for a minimum distance of 5 feet to create a depression at least 4 inches lower than the existing pavement edge.  From the low point of the depression, the approach will slope ¼-inch to ½-inch per foot towards the street.  Beyond the right-of-way, the centerline gradient of the driveway should not exceed a slope of plus 12 percent or minus 8 percent.

An approach will be paved with a minimum thickness of 6 inches of concrete or 8 inches of asphalt.  If concrete is used, then the first, two feet of the approach will be restricted to asphalt pavement.

A culvert pipe will be installed under the approach.  The CSP or RCP culvert must have a minimum diameter of 15 inches and flared end sections must be installed.

The road ditch next to the property must be regraded along the entire lot frontage as necessary to provide positive drainage.  The side and back slopes of the road ditch will be graded to a maximum 4H:1V slope.


The site development plans submitted for a building permit must include a detail drawing of the driveway approach with all appropriate dimensions and spot elevations, typical details of each type of curb to be used, and typical details of each type of pavement section to be used.  The detail drawing of the driveway approach must also specify whether it will be paved with asphalt or concrete.

5.The existing asphalt parking lot will be expanded to the east with extension of new concrete curb and gutter.  These alterations will provide 21 additional employee parking spaces at the southeast end of the property.  Dimensions of all parking stalls meet requirements of the zoning ordinance.

Over time as the company has expanded, staff has observed that some storage of equipment has occurred on non-paved areas. The additional asphalt will allow all trucks, equipment and trailers to be parked on a hard surface.

6.The site is currently buffered by several large pine trees that were planted along both Monticello and 83rd Street when the building was constructed

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