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Consider the March 19, 2007 Planning Commission minutes. - page 37 / 38





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left-turns entering the site and northbound left-turns exiting the site are prohibited.  The applicant is further aware that the 83rd Street Corridor Study recommends that a raised median should be constructed at this location, which would further restrict this entrance to right-in and right-out only.  Finally, the applicant is aware that the approval of the break in the limits of no access shown on this final plat does not restrict or otherwise prevent the City from either prohibiting the construction of a driveway approach at this location or requiring its removal after being constructed at some future date.

6.The lot is developed with a lawn and landscaping business and the plat is a replat of a lot originally recorded in 1986 as part of Monticello 83, First Plat, which was prior to the existence of the current ordinances pertaining to excise tax and open space fees.  Therefore, this plat is not subject to the provisions of Shawnee Municipal Code (SMC) Chapter 12.26, which pertains to the City’s excise tax on new subdivision plats, nor the provisions of Shawnee Municipal Code (SMC) 12.14, Park and Recreational Land Use Fund.

7.The applicant is responsible for submitting a computation plat with the recording copies of the final plat.  The computation plat should show the bearings and lengths of all lines, and the individual area, in square feet, of all lots, open space tracts, and right-of-ways, and the centerline miles of all newly dedicated streets.  The County Engineer requests that all points shown on a plat be based on the Kansas State Plane Coordinate System of 1983, North Zone (NAD-83).

8.A short list of technical items has been provided to the applicant.  These items shall be corrected and two (2) copies of a revised final plat shall be submitted to the Planning Department prior to Governing Body consideration of the final plat.  Two (2) full size copies and one 8 1/2” x 11” reduction of the revised final plat shall be submitted to Planning Staff by April 6, 2007.


Planning staff recommends approval of final plat FP-09-07-04, Final Plat of Monticello 83, Second Plat, located at 8315 Monticello Road, subject to the following conditions:

1.Acceptance of the dedications on the final plat by the Shawnee City Council and the recording of the final plat with the Johnson County Department of Records and Tax Administration;

2.This replat shall be limited to 1 lot 2.32 acres;

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