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Chairperson Bedora stated with regard to the landscape island, there would be the same problem with rock as there is with the sod in as much if the sod is being torn up the rock would be torn up and kicked out as well.  He stated that pavers would make for a more solid surface, which might make some sense if it was properly addressed and installed, but it would be of question as well.

Commissioner Beckenbaugh stated that he agreed with staff’s recommendation that it should be sodded and if there is a problem with the growth of that material then it should be irrigated or watered regularly.  He stated that if the island immediately to the west of the one south of the building will support sod then this one should as well.

Commissioner Bogina stated that he did not think he would like to go to a ten year thing on this, since there is no screening right now and there are a number of trucks.  He stated that he knew that he has operated in the City for a long time.  He reiterated that they should stay with the standard review time rather than a ten year period.

Commissioner O'Connor stated that even if it is on a ten year cycle the special use permit can be called up at anytime if a problem develops.

Planning Director Chaffee stated that one of the reasons that staff agreed with the applicant for a ten year review period was that they were caught in a zoning district change and the fact that they have been there for thirty-five years and we have not had any problems with them in the past.  He noted that they are not a new business, they are not expanding or creating anything new or different than what they have had before.

Commissioner Bogina stated that he was not indicating that they were a bad corporate citizen, but was this a lot different than every other special use permit that we have.

Planning Director Chaffee answered sure it is, they are an existing business that is coming in to request that they have their non-conforming zoning status removed.

Commissioner Beckenbaugh stated that it would seem that this has been a quality business that has been in the City for a number of years and so that should carry some weight in the Commission’s consideration.  He indicated that the City might want to look at additional screening at some point in the future, whether we call up the special use permit or if we wait for an annual or two, three or five year review.  He reiterated that at some point in the future we may want to have the capability to look at additional screening requirements as things along Shawnee Mission Parkway continue to improve.

Commissioner Miller asked does this call for a review annually.

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