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Today, there are over 200 persons, with the gift of intercession, in our network of Intercessors for Renewal who pray daily for church leadership and for an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit that will bring about genuine revival and renewal of the church.  One of their assignments is to pray for the bishops of the UMC.

In 1996, General Conference met in Denver, Colorado.  There were a handful from our constituency (including myself and Margie Burger) who were there for the entire two weeks and about 25 others who were there for portions of the time.  We did a prayer walk around the facilities, led in concerts of prayer at a local church, and set up a 24 hour prayer room in one of the hotels.  The Upper Room facilitated a “come and go” prayer room in the Convention Center.  It was a small start.

In 2000, General Conference met in Cleveland, Ohio.  The local host committee (East Ohio Annual Conference) established a sub-committee on prayer.  Dr. Terry Teykl was engaged by several evangelical groups to “recruit prayer delegates” to GC.  Space was dedicated for prayer in the convention center.  Margie wrote concerts of prayer based on the Lord’s Prayer that were led daily by local leadership in the prayer room.  Terry had a prayer room and briefing center for prayer delegates in one hotel, ARM had a 24 hour intercessory room with scheduled times for corporate prayer in another hotel.  There were more than 200 persons wearing the red “prayer delegate” ribbons scattered among the delegates praying for deliberations and decisions throughout the 14 days.

In 2004, General Conference met in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Now, prayer has become an official part of the GC planning.  A significant and very visible prayer center was established in the heart of the convention center.  Seasons for concerts of prayer and corporate intercession were scheduled and led by local leadership, most of who were related to ARM and its Regional Fellowship in Western PA.  Tom Albin (The Upper Room) and Margie Burger (ARM) provided the primary pastoral oversight for the effort.  Between 200 and 300 prayer delegates participated in the prayer effort in 2004, plus, because of its visibility, the prayer center was frequented by elected GC delegates and other observers.

One of the other significant things that occurred on Larry’s watch was the addition of Sally Havens to the ARM staff.  Sally had been a member of the ARM Board of Directors since 1984 and was finishing up her studies for a Master of Divinity degree at Boston University School of Theology.  She was also going through the process of being consecrated as a diaconal minister in the UMC.  To complete that process, she needed two years of ministry/work related experience.  She was conflicted because she wanted to continue serving the work of ARM instead of taking a position with a local church.  ARM was not in a position to hire her.  So, Sally and I developed a job description as “Ministries Coordinator” and a plan for her to serve as an unpaid staff person for two years and then to become part-time salaried staff if funds were available.  The New England Board of Diaconal Ministry adopted and approved the plan.  To our knowledge, it was the first time that anyone was allowed to gain their work related experience as an unpaid staff member.  This is now an approved method across the denomination.

In 1992, God led Sally and her husband Dave to relocate to Tennessee and to become part of the ARM staff team.  This was the real beginning of the expanding ministries of ARM.

During Larry’s presidency, the Aldersgate conference was in the following cities:

Aldersgate ’91 was in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  

1992 was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  

1993 was in Denver, Colorado.

Aldersgate Renewal Ministries: History and Impact - Page 11

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