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and repeated the action.  Then, the Lord led me to repeat the action at each of the four corners of the building.  Finally, just in case I hadn’t struck the ground enough, I knelt in the middle of the parking area and repeated the action one last time before driving home wet and muddy from the exercise.

As I was walking around the property and beating on the ground and the building, I noticed two police cars sitting across the street in the parking lot.  Amazingly, they never came to see what this crazy man was doing.  Maybe they couldn’t see me.

Aram means, exalted ones.  Those enemies who have set themselves above us in order to control us.  I struck the ground 28 times and struck the corners of the building 28 times.  I believed that the territorial spirits that were holding back fruitfulness and prosperity were destroyed that night.

The next day, the doctor called me and said that he had changed his mind.  He wanted to give us the property for ten thousand dollars less than he had originally quoted.  He also offered to self-finance for 5 years and charged us less interest than we had originally offered to pay.  

When there doesn’t seem to be a way, God will make a way!

We moved our offices to our new home in February 1994, during the worst ice storm in the history of Nashville.

During Dick’s leadership, Aldersgate was in the following cities:

Washington, DC in 1994.

Orlando, Florida (Kissimmee) in 1995.

Nashville, Tennessee in 1996.


Scott Kelso served as the 5th President of the Board from 1997-2001.  

He was appointed as pastor to Trinity UMC, Pickerington, Ohio, following his graduation from Seminary.  He never left.  As of this writing, he has been pastor for 25 plus years.  The church has grown from a little clapboard building in the middle of nowhere with a handful of worshippers, to a significant instrument for change and transformation in the community and one of the great bright spots in the denomination.  

Scott, along with Harry and Ann Peat served as the co-chairs for the planning committee for Aldersgate 1980 in Columbus, Ohio.  He was also part of the leadership for the first international mission team sent out from ARM as they helped inaugurate the Aldersgate Conference in the Philippines in 1996.  That conference continues to be a blessing to hundreds of pastors and laity each year.  He has also represented ARM, both nationally and internationally, in ecumenical charismatic meetings.

In the spring and summer of 1998, he had the awesome responsibility of leading the most crucial board meetings in ARM’s history.  It looked and felt like the death of a vision.

The financial support for ARM seemed to dry up the last quarter of 1997 and the first quarter of 1998.  There didn’t seem to be any explainable reason, it just did.  When the Executive Committee of the Board met in April, we weren’t sure that we could stay in business until the

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