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Aldersgate 98 conference scheduled in July in Dallas.  

The question posed at the first meeting, Is God finished with this ministry?  

If he is, then we need wisdom to know how to shut it down without bringing dishonor to the kingdom of God.  

If He isn’t, then we need courage and boldness to press forward and we need wisdom to know what to change in order to live into His corporate destiny for ARM.

We prayed together.  Then, Scott dismissed us for the night, to pray over those questions throughout the night.  We would return the next morning to hear what God was speaking to each one.  There wasn’t a lot of sleep that night.

The next morning, there was a consensus that God was not yet finished with ARM.  It was unanimous that He had not completed the work that we were called into existence to accomplish.  Everyone heard that we needed to regroup and press on.  We needed to seek God for a fresh vision.

So, we eliminated any unnecessary spending.  We laid off a staff member and cut all remaining salaries by 15%.  We sent out a plea to our constituency letting them know what the situation was and asking for their prayers and support as we continued to seek God for the future.

Two weeks later, my wife and I went to our oldest granddaughter’s first piano recital at the Goodlettsville Nazarene Church.  Even though we had lived in the community for seven years, we had never seen this church and had to get directions.  It turned out to be only 2 blocks from our current offices, tucked away in an older residential area and invisible from normal traffic routes.  As we walked toward the sanctuary that morning, I noticed a “for sale sign” in the front yard and the Holy Spirit came upon me as I walked into the building.  Throughout the recital, I was having visions of crowds of people in that building…people that I recognized.  I was having visions of people in worship, in ministry, and receiving ministry in that building.  During the reception, I excused myself, walked back through the building and around the building, asking the Lord, “What is going on?  What does this mean?  What are you trying to say to me?”  It was very clear, “This is your building.  I am going to give it into your hands.  My plans for you are a future and a hope.”

It was the birth of a vision.  But who was I going to share it with?  I shared with my wife Sally and with my daughters and their husbands, but felt no release to share with staff or board members.  I began to experience a season of visionary dreams that lasted through the end of the year about how God planned to use the building to expand ARM’s ministry.  I also dreamed of specific people that he was going to call to move to Nashville to become part of the ministry team and others who would make major contributions toward the expansion of ministry.

Two weeks before Aldersgate, a man in another city, shared with Sally and I that he had this humongous business venture in the works and that when it materialized, God was telling him to give ARM a million dollars.  He was going to come to Aldersgate and slip the check under my door.  Was this real?  I wasn’t sure whether I was having visions or just holy hallucinations.  This gift never did materialize, but it was used by God to fan the flickering flame of faith in my heart to consider that He was doing something beyond my own thoughts and imagination.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the building and the promise of a million dollars was connected.  So, I called the real estate agent and went to look at the building (pray my way through it).  The week before we left for Aldersgate, I shared with the staff what was going on with me and took

Aldersgate Renewal Ministries: History and Impact - Page 14

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