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them over to look at the building.  I didn’t want them to be totally shocked if I came home from Aldersgate with a million dollars and a building to buy.  None of this made sense to any of us since we were still having trouble making payroll and paying the bills.  

I also shared with another couple who lived out of state that were always present in my recurring dreams about this property.  I just shared what was going on and asked them if they had any discernment about what it all meant.  They didn’t have a clue, but agreed to join me in prayer.

During the Executive Committee Meeting (in those days, we held our annual Board and Council meetings just prior to the start of the Aldersgate Conference), as we were trying to decide how we were going to pay off the note on our little building in February (the doctor wanted the balance of his money and was calling the note with an outstanding balance of about $110,000), one of the Board members blurted out, “I think we just need to sell that little building and buy something big enough to do ministry in.”  

Everyone was speechless, especially me.  I was asking the Lord if this was an open door to share what had been going on between Him and me.  He seemed to say “yes”, so I did.  The consensus was to wait for further confirmation before sharing it with the full board and council.

Between the Executive Committee meeting and the full Board and Council meeting, Sally and I had lunch with the “out of state couple that I had confided in.”  They wondered if I had shared my vision with the EC.  I told them how it had come up and what had happened.  They looked at one another, then began to reveal how excited they were about the possibilities of expanding the ministry of ARM.  They were so excited that God was leading them to give 50% of the cost of the property as a matching gift challenge.  

The asking price for the property and buildings was $750,000.  I was stunned!

After sharing with Scott what had happened at lunch, we called a side-bar Executive Committee meeting and decided that this was enough confirmation for us to move forward and see where it was going.  After sharing with the Board, Scott called everyone to prayer.  When we reconvened, the response of the people was to begin making pledges.  The place was electric with excitement for the future.  By the time the meeting was over, more than $80,000 had been pledged.  We never did vote on whether or not to buy the property.

At the 1998 Board meeting in Dallas, the ministry also refined its purpose statement to read: “The purpose of ARM is to encourage United Methodists and their churches, by the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ, to be filled, gifted, empowered, and led by the Holy Spirit in ministry to the world.”

When we returned home from Aldersgate, the realtor called me to say that since I had looked at the building before leaving town, the Board at the Nazarene Church had received a prophecy that said “they were standing in the middle of a miracle and that ARM was supposed to have the buildings.”  He was authorized, on behalf of the church, to reduce the asking price from $750,000 to $665,000.  In addition, they would give us $175,000 for our existing building as a down payment, and they would self-finance the balance.  In addition, if they could stay in the building until their new one was completed, they would pay us rent.  Only God could give that kind of favor or negotiate that kind of deal.

We closed on the new buildings in November 1998, and had the buildings paid for by the time we moved into them in September of 1999.  In the interim, we drew up plans for a $500,000

Aldersgate Renewal Ministries: History and Impact - Page 15

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