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I stood there in the front yard, praying, asking for the Lord to grant us favor.  To bless us and enlarge our territory by giving us this house.

The Lord said, “OK, now take a picture so you don’t forget.”  I snapped a picture.  Then amazed beyond amazement, I heard Him ask, “How many more do you want?”  I spent the next hour walking through dew covered lawns, snapping pictures of other houses in the neighborhood, and asking the Lord to bless us and enlarge our territory by giving us this house, and this house.

In May, at our Executive Committee meeting, I shared this story.  Several members of the committee walked through the house and around the boundaries and claimed the house for the Lord’s purposes.  Within 30 days, the Lord had provided a gift for this very purpose that was sufficient to purchase, remodel, and furnish the house.  The “house of peace” was remodeled and furnished by my wife, Sally, who has become our “minister of hospitality.”  The first ARCottage was ready for its first occupants by the end of the year.  Number 8 from the Isaiah 60 insights says, “Swiftly!”

As of April 2005, God has given us 3 homes, in the neighborhood.  According to the journals in each home, these ARCottages have a ministry all their own.

Aldersgate 2000 was part of the Celebrate Jesus 2000 conference sponsored by NARSC in St. Louis, Missouri.  It was in June, early for our conference, and confusion about hotel meeting space for our Board and Council meeting forced us to postpone that meeting until after the conference, which turned out to be a blessing.

In the fall of ‘99, while at a NARSC planning meeting, it was decided that ARM would be responsible for planning and leading the praise and worship for the general sessions of the conference.  Jonathan Dow had been on staff less than a month when I called to tell him that I was going to serve as the “pastor for music and worship” and that he was going to recruit, rehearse, and lead the worship team for the event.  That meant assembling music and gathering musicians from all of the various streams and to blend styles and preferences in such a manner that all of the participants would have a meaningful experience.  Jonathan accepted and completed the assignment with grace and unusual anointing.  Little did I know that he had never worked with a praise “team” before and that he had probably never ministered to a group larger than about 400.  The team and music -- catholic, mainline Protestant, Pentecostal and non-denominational – totaled 19 singers and musicians.  The attendance at the sessions ranged between 15,000 and 18,000.

The vision for the ARM Worship Conference was birthed in Jonathan during the preparation for Celebrate Jesus 2000.  The first Worship Conference was held at the ARC in the fall of 2000.

A month after Celebrate Jesus 2000, we hosted our 1st Gathering at the ARC in July 2000.  It would establish a new pattern for our annual Board and Council meetings.  The re-modeling was completed two days before the meetings began.  Part of The Gathering was a consecration of the property for the Lord’s service.

Between Celebrate Jesus 2000 and The Gathering, a man from out of state visited my office.  As he walked through the door, the Lord healed him of an eye infection.  Several days later, he invited me to lunch and asked me “what would you do if you had a million dollars?”  I pondered the hypothetical question, and then shared about my dreams and visions for hosting a retreat for pastors and spouses, of creating a worship conference that would minister to worship leaders, of developing new renewal team events to minister to local churches.  After we had shared

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