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a while, he said, “That’s what I want to do, give you a million dollars to invest in ministry that changes lives.”  We spent the next 9 months in conversation and meetings working out the details.  He made a matching challenge grant to set up a permanent endowment fund that would provide ongoing funds to develop and start ministries and resources that would be life transforming.  Until we could get it established and begin receiving gifts, he agreed to fund the beginning of the first Worship Conference, Pastor and Spouse Retreats and other new ministries.  Even though the economy and the stock market severely eroded the value of the stock gifts in 2001 and 2002, we were able to develop a balance in the ARMinistry Endowment Fund of over $600,000 by the end of 2004.

Number 3 from the Isaiah 60 insights says “God will draw people to our cause.  Some, like sons and daughters, will move to be part of the ministry.”  In the fall of 2000, Mark and Betty Barrow moved from Maryland, just in time to be part of the first Worship Conference at the ARC in November 2000.

Then, in January 2001, Harry and Margie Burger moved from Wisconsin.  Margie has been the National Prayer Coordinator for ARM since 1991 and Harry has served on the Board of Directors.  He retired from his engineering position at Kimberly-Clark in the fall of 2000 because they felt that God was calling them to move to Nashville and serve Him through the ministry of ARM.  Margie has been developing a new team-led, local church renewal event called Lord, Teach Us to Pray (LTUTP) and was ready to release it to the church.  It could be either a pre-cursor or a follow-up event for the Life in the Spirit Seminar (LISS).

The first Pastor & Spouse Retreat was hosted at the ARC, November 6-9, 2001.  The grant from the “million dollar man”, and later grants from the ARMinistry Endowment Fund, allowed us to minister to 16 couples providing them with motel, meals, gifts, and date night with no expense to them except a modest registration fee.  Without exception, these men and women came to the ARC bruised, battle weary, and discouraged.  They left healed, restored, renewed, and full of the Spirit with the courage to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.  

As of this writing, we have ministered to 165 pastors and their spouses in 8 Pastor and Spouse Retreats.


This was also a season for enlarging our territory to include international/cross-cultural missions.  Although not foreign to ARM, cross-cultural ministries have not been an ongoing part of our ministry.  We resourced a team to the Philippines in 1996 to help Ling and Lourdes Juane launce an “Aldersgate in the Philippines” conference.  The following year, we sent another team to train leaders in how to conduct a LISS.  The materials were translated into Tagala.  In addition, members of our Advisory Council found themselves leading an unscheduled LISS in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

However, international missions weren’t really on our radar screen.  Then, in 2001, God planted a passion in one of the Board member’s heart to translate and publish the LISS in Spanish.  Then, he raised the funds necessary to publish 5000 copies.  Next, the Lord opened the door with an invitation by Pablo Mora, the President of the Methodist Church in Paraguay (Bishop) to lead a LISS.  This same man felt led to plan, coordinate and lead the LISS to Paraguay.  He had never been on an international mission trip before and he had never coordinated a LISS before.  

We began to believe that God would use this mission as the catalyst to open other doors to minister the LISS to the Latin world, both in the USA and beyond our borders.

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