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Number 4 was a major revision and printing of the LISS Participants Manual (with new original art illustrations), with completion in time for the fall events.

Number 5 was the publication of a new manual for the Lord, Teach Us to Pray event that was completed in early 2004.

Under Dave’s leadership, Aldersgate was hosted by:

Springfield, Illinois in 2003.  

Lexington, Kentucky in 2004.


Garen Smith was elected as the 8th president at the 2004 Gathering of the Board and Advisory Council.  Before early retirement, Garen was a CEO in the steel industry.  He brings a passion for growth to the ministry and for international / cross-cultural ministries to be an integral part of ARM’s offerings to the General church.

As Garen came into office, it was apparent that ARM was going to need help in seeking funding resources to keep up with the expanding doors of opportunity for ministry.  John Brower, a businessman from Texas who was now employed in Pennsylvania, had shared and asked for prayer in 2002 about the future direction of his life.  He felt called to invest his life in seeking provision for fulfilling the vision that God had given ARM for renewing the Church.  Suddenly, in the fall of 2003, he found himself unemployed, and offered himself to ARM in an act of faith.  In January of 2004, John became the new “Director of Partner Development” for ARM and moved his family to Goodlettsville later in the year.  

A new “blueprint for ministry” begins to emerge.  At Aldersgate 2001 in Rochester, New York, Bishop Violet Fisher was the keynote speaker for the opening night.  She related her story of coming to the United Methodist Church from a Pentecostal background and how she found family and support and encouragement from the “Aldersgate people.”  After preaching a powerful message on being filled with the Spirit, she called all of the ministers forward, took off her shoes, and began to pray for and lay hands on them.  My wife, Sally, and I were ministering alongside her.  Ministers began to fall under the power of the Spirit as she prayed for them.  Suddenly, Sally and I found ourselves on the floor looking up at the ceiling.  Bishop Fisher stood over us and began to prophesy.  What I remember was “Blueprint!  Lord give him a blueprint for renewing your church.  Blueprint.  A new blueprint, give him a new blueprint.”

John Brower’s addition to the staff, in faith, was the first step in a complete reorganization and retooling of the ARM staff.  The Lord was preparing the workers for a new blueprint.  Jonathan Dow assumed responsibility as the Director of Conferences and becomes the “pastoral leader” for the Aldersgate Conference and other major events.  Teresa Combs resigns and Harry Burger assumes responsibility as the “Administrative Coordinator.”  Sally Havens retires in July and Frank Billman moves from Pennsylvania to assume her responsibilities as “Ministries Coordinator.”  

A side note, after working on the ARM staff for 7 years, Teresa Combs was installed as the pastor of White House Church of God in April of 2005.  In the spirit of a true pioneer, she becomes the first woman pastor in this Pentecostal denomination.

In the fall of 2003, at the Pastor and Spouse Retreat #7, a couple from Wisconsin who had been active in the Lay Witness Movement, made us aware that the General Board of Discipleship had

Aldersgate Renewal Ministries: History and Impact - Page 21

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