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the debt in 2004, and under the leadership of John Brower and Garen Smith, the constituency responded by completely eliminating this albatross by the end of the year.  Part of the new blueprint is to operate debt free…to the praise of His glory.

During Garen’s leadership, the Aldersgate conference was hosted in the following cities:

Lexington, Kentucky in 2004.

Overland Park, Kansas in 2005.

It’s Not the Same Church!

So, has ARM made a difference during the last 28 years.  Has ARM influenced any change in the church?  Has ARM made an impact?

Several years ago, I sat in the meetings of the General Board of Discipleship, as a group of musicians attempted to lead a blended contemporary worship service.  All around were program resources for worship, small groups, healing, evangelism, prayer.  Intercession was a new word, discernment and making decisions by “inspired consensus” were new concepts.  

Making disciples of Jesus Christ had just been discovered as the primary purpose of the church (General Conference 2000).  There was new talk about the Holy Spirit and transformation.

I lamented that these “new things” were coming into being without anyone consulting Aldersgate Renewal Ministries or giving us any recognition for being a praying, worshipping, healing, evangelistic, transforming by the power of the Holy Spirit ministry for over 25 years.  I was feeling sorry for those who had stayed and prayed and labored for renewal without any recognition.  

The Holy Spirit checked me, and convicted me of my sinfulness.

As I sat there, I had a vision of an apple tree, so loaded with luscious, beautiful, ripe fruit, that the limbs bent to the ground.  The Spirit asked me, “what do you see?”  

“A strong, beautiful apple tree loaded with delicious fruit”, I responded.  

“That’s the problem with fruit trees”, the Lord said, “everyone looks at the tree, when it’s really the seed that matters.  A great tree comes from a great seed.  When you cut open an apple, you can count the number of seeds.  But when you cut open a seed, you can’t count the number of apples.”  

The Lord continued to speak to me, saying, “I have called ARM to plant seeds of prayer, worship, healing, spirtitual gifts, transformation, evangelism, all across the church.  The wind of my Spirit has blown those seeds wherever it willed until they found fertile ground to germinate, sprout, grow and produce fruit.  When people see the fruit, they will not see you, because you are seed and seed sowers.”

I simultaneously repented and rejoiced, that we (ARM) had been found faithful as seed sowers.

Aldersgate Renewal Ministries: History and Impact - Page 23

Copyright © 2005, Gary L. Moore and Aldersgate Renewal Ministries.  All rights reserved.

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