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equipment, and a lot of money contributed regularly, year round by people like you, we are on the verge of breaking renewal into the open in local churches all across the country.

The mantle of prophetic servanthood is being transferred not from Elijah to another Elijah, but to another prophet with a different style.

This transfer has been working itself out for over a year in an orderly way.  We celebrate it tonight.  There is more good news.  Ross still lives!  He will continue to interpret renewal to the hierarchy, to train leaders, speak Bureaucratise, supervise publications and materials, and to edit Manna.  We believe that when Ross is no longer to do these things, God will supply that need, but as of now, Ross will continue to do what he does best, gladly working with our new Executive Director, Gary Moore.

There was a point in time when the prophetic mantle of Elijah was handed over to Elisha.  Elijah’s most glorious experiences were still ahead of him, but the job of chief servant was assumed – the mantle of anointing for this job was transferred.

We have come to that point tonight.  Gary Moore assumes the role and accepts the mantle and seeks a double measure of grace to be Executive Director of UMRSF.  Ross is relieved of administrative responsibilities, but I predict that his most glorious and wonderful work still lies ahead.

A ceremony usually requires a symbol.  Elisha got Elijah’s mantle.  I considered several symbols.  A towel and basin, possibly, for that is a symbol of servanthood.  Or a flask of anointing oil, for we are totally dependent on the Holy Spirit for gifts and graces and power to answer the call.  I though of a suitcase, and I even considered a large bottle of aspirin.

But this calling and ordination is so fragile, and so dependent upon daily prayer support and walking by faith that I do not want to symbolize it by anything that can be seen.  Faith is the conviction of things not seen, the assurance of what we hope for.  I want each of you – Gary and Ross – and myself also – to remember to draw all strength and power and inspiration from God, and not the teeniest tiniest bit from anything visible or tangible.  Therefore, I am going to ask Gary and Ross to assume the familiar position – seated and surrounded by praying friends.  

We will have the Executive Committee of UMRSF, representing the ordinary renewal people of the United Methodist Church.  

Bishop Wilke has been with us all weekend.  He represents the hierarchy.  

Danny Morris and Jim Wagner are here representing the bureaucracy, the Upper Room and the Board of Discipleship.  

Dean David Collins, president of the Episcopal House of Deputies, represents the Anglican communion, the rock from which we were hewn.  

Dr. Vinson Synan is playing hooky from his own General Conference of the Pentecostal Holiness Church, to be here at my request.  His denomination is an offspring of the Methodists.  Vinson represents not only the classical Pentecostals; he is chairman of the national interdenominational Charismatic Concerns Committee, and also chairman of the North American Renewal Services Committee (NARSC), and an integral member of worldwide ecumenical evangelical organizations.  (Did you know the we, UMRSF, have been officially designated by the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church

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